Happy heart month and happy everything!

I am excited to share that in May 2017 I will be 57 years and youthing it!

Do yourself a favor. Do me a favor. Do the planet a favor. Do everyone a favor.

Do not buy into that outdated nasty lie that we have to age and everything falls apart.


I have so much fun playing with ‘youthing’ it instead of aging!

What would it be for you to feel beautiful inside and out regardless of your age?

Would you be willing to love you no matter what?

What might be different in your living were you to love you, intimately?

And to choose for you regardless of what is true for others?

Where would you even start?

Maybe, just maybe you might begin with noticing all the judgments and conclusions you have about you, your hair, your body and your age!

And isn’t there a lot of poop out there that if you love you, then you are egotistical or conceited or vain?

Won’t people judge you for that?

Oh, and what about getting old and older, notice all of those conclusions too.

You know the conclusions I mean…those moments when you are being ‘all that’ and in your head pops…’I am too old to do that’ or ‘I am too old to be this’!

Watch those! Be aware of them, notice them and be curious, ask, are they even yours or do they belong to society or someone else? Are they true for you or did you simply agree and align with them?

If you think you are old and buy into all that…you WILL create it.

Oh and those refined judgments…yup…the sneaky ones.

I remember when I first made the choice to no longer dye my hair.
I was in my late 30’s and always enjoyed my hair being long.

That is what felt super yummy and feminine for me.

I was told by pretty much everyone that I would no longer be able to keep my hair long!


Everyone seemed to have the belief that to have silver grey hair, you must keep it short.

That it would look witchy and wirey to have it long!


Well that just never rang true for me, it did not apply to me is what I remember thinking.


I did it my way!


Here is one for you…I cannot tell you how by me allowing my hair to be naturally silver grey

how many other women have been inspired to do the same.

Total strangers approach me and are excited to see that it really is possible to feel beautiful inside and out no matter what your age, even with silver hair.

I always, always share even with total strangers that yes,

it is possible to have rockin’ silver hair however look at my eyebrows….

If you are choosing to allow your hair to be natural silver grey and/or white…

Yes!  Dye your eyebrows!  Just a beauty tip I thought I would slip in there!

It makes all the difference for my look and…it is just a choice.

AND yes, there are also a few other tips on keeping it soft and bright as well.

I use a naturally based anti aging hair care line.
I do a clarifying treatment twice a month or it can go yellowish…some people use the purple shampoo for that.

Beauty TIP…Do not use the purple products every time you wash or your hair will take on that tint.

EWWWW!  Unless that is what you desire of course.

Ahhh…one of my bigger compliments came from a young lady in her 20’s.

We had met in a dance class.

Over about the time span of 5 years we would bump into each other at different events.

We always said hello.

Then one day she approached me and shared with me

that ever since she was a really young girl…

she had this terrifying fear of aging and getting older and old.

She shared that she had been watching me for the years she knew me…

and that I had taken that fear away, that she no longer was afraid of getting older.

She now knew for the first time something else WAS totally possible.

She saw that I was still wearing clothes that made me feel sensual, that I moved my body in ways that were young yet elegantly classy and she knew that she did not have to buy into that yukky idea that she would loose all of that!

OMG…I cannot tell you how heartwarming this was to hear.

So there you have it…

by you being you, loving you and doing things different, how many people have you inspired that you may not be aware of?

So bottom line, by me choosing outside of the box of everyone else’s reality about aging and keeping my hair long, I inspired many other women as well as facilitated the young lady to heal her fear of aging…and all I did was allowed myself to do and be something different!

By you loving you, and by you being all that in the world, that is what will keep you young!

The more things you add to your life that are fun regardless of what it looks like to others

you too will be youthin’ it and not aging simply by not falling into the aging trap!

So people, this is Feb.

Fall in love with yourself.

With your hair.

With your body.

With your beingness!

Be willing to love what makes you different instead of judging it!


How much fun can YOU have outcreating how this reality defines aging??

Contact me at

[email protected] for more about loving yourself, your body, your being and your hair!

P.S.  if you have never felt yummy inside or out?  Maybe now is your time!!!  It is never too late.  I was a late bloomer too!!  Just sayin’!

Double P.S.  and if you see someone who inspires you…let them know!

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