You Were Born To Shine

With the rapid-fire rhythm of life we are all living, holding constant stress in body and mind, fear, self doubt, exhaustion & confusion, our inner brightest of lights are dimmed and , very often, disappear all together.

This is the reason why we must, at all times , do what we can to keep that flame inside burning bright, always choose the path of light and love, and, proudly, allow our brilliance to be, freely, seen.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can use to , daily, rekindle your spark, and here are just a few simple, do-able, to start with:

1. Living with an Attitude of Gratitude


Tell the people around you that you appreciate them. Give thanks for the food you eat and the roof you sleep under. Smile. Gratitude magnifies your feelings of goodwill, helping you stay focused on the good stuff.

2. Movement to fitness


Moving and sweating for just 30 minutes a day has been clinically shown to improve your mood & boost your health. Try a Pilates class, ride your bike around town, dance or go for a swim, and you’ll easily chase away the grumps.

3. Make Meditation part of your Morning Routine


Spending time in silence reconnects you with your source of self-awareness, self-assuredness & happiness. It’s also been shown to greatly reduce stress & improve communication.

What can YOU do to shine a little brighter TODAY?

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