The first thing you notice when you walk towards Aurora Day Spa is the amazing water display that runs down the glass.

It really evokes the feeling that you are about to have an amazing experience. I was booked in for the Guku Cocoon a unique treatment to Aurora that has created to hydrate, nourish and detoxify.

As I entered I was greeted by spa services and taken through to the locker room to change. Everything I needed was there, space to lock away my belongings, robe, and spa slippers. Guided to the relaxation area I got to soak up the dusk views of Melbourne and St Kilda through the glass windows while I relaxed with herbal tea. There was also a Rose Hydrosol there to try and I felt instantly relaxed after a quick spritz, all ready for my treatment!

My therapist, Anne, greeted me and took me through to the wet area steam rooms where the treatment is conducted. There are steam rooms available for singles and couples. Doing body treatments in steam rooms is ideal for keeping warm during the treatment and allowing the products to really penetrate the skin as the steam opens the pores.

Firstly a rose and aloe body wash is used to scrub my skin down with a rattan fiber mitt. Next I was drizzled with honey (I love honey and the whole room smelt sweet with it!) and it was spread all over my skin using light massage moves to relax tired muscles. Finally a layer of white clay is applied all over the skin and I was covered in a warm damp towel to let everything infuse.

While I was soaking in honey and clay Anne then cleansed my face, spritzed with the Rose Hydrating Facial Hydrolsol and applied the honey mask to my skin as well. My hair was then soaked in their Olive Leaf Replenishing Hair Masque, which was left in to nourish my scalp and strengthen my hair.

Once I had showered the excess of the wrap off I was greeted again by Anne who lead me to the relaxation area again to have some more tea before I returned to the locker room.

The whole treatment was a beautiful experience that left my skin soft and glowing. The stand out product was the Olive Leaf Replenishing Hair Masque. I left it in over night as recommended and when I was washed it out in the morning it rinsed out easily without leaving any oily residue and I don’t think my hair has ever felt so soft! To say I was impressed is an under statement!

If you are visiting Melbourne and want an amazing spa experience Aurora Spa is the place to go. You can book at

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