What Are Epi-Genetics?

Do you know which foods are important to YOUR body and YOUR unique epi-genetics?

Or which foods and lifestyle factors are hindering your path to optimal health and well-being? Modern day living can have an impact on our body’s epi-genetics affecting optimal health and well-being. It also affects how fast or slow our body ages and degenerates.

Epi-genetic factors include:-

• the food we eat

• how well we absorb nutrients

• how well our digestive function is functioning or not

• how many toxins we are exposed to

• how good our body is at detoxifying itself

• how much electrical frequency we are exposed to

• how much stress we are under

• how well we sleep

• our thoughts and feelings

Our genes are highly influenced by our environment?

Our DNA genetic code we were born with is unique and doesn’t change. However, Epigenetics is a factor that controls how and when our genes are expressed:-

•  Epi-genetics literally means “on top of” of our genes, switching them on and off to benefit our health and longevity and avoid disease

• Scientists estimate that up to 98% of us are adversely effected  by sub-optimal diet and lifestyle choices

But how do we know what is right for our body?

Not everything that is right for my body is necessarily right for your body. We are all unique. Our bodies react in different ways to food and lifestyle influences.

Now your personal Epi-genetics indicators can be mapped using just 4 strands of your hair – in clinic now.

Hair is an amazing bio-marker that carries a lot of personal information about your body and Epi-genetics requirements.

Don’t worry if your hair is dyed or permed. As long as it hasn’t been done in the past 5 days it is fine to analyse. We use the follicle or growing part of your hair. If you are bald we can use underarm, leg or arm hair.

Over 800 key wellness indicators are mapped and used to create a 35 page report. This report includes a 90 day wellness plan unique to you.

• list of foods to include to improve vitamins and mineral deficiencies

• list of foods to avoid for your optimal wellness

• list of foods additives to avoid

• list of foods for detoxification of environment influences

• lifestyle factors to include

This is an invaluable source to assist you with dietary choices and lifestyle considerations to improve your overall health.

To claim your Cell Wellbeing Analysis at a special 20% off discount – click here and enter discount code DISC20. Hair can be posted in an overnight bag (it is viable for 5 days). We can then discuss your 90 day wellness report via skype, phone or email.

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