– a digital detox –

Too attached to your phone?

I’m the first to admit I’m guilty as charged!

And now I’m supercharging your to wellness with Superfoods, Journals and Mindful Food, so you can have it all!

You don’t need to go cold turkey on your #digitaldetox with my newest book – WELLNESS LOADING; Disconnect to Reconnect.

As cliche as it sounds, it really is all about balance.

The Ultimate Wellness Detox, has you learning how to TURN OFF TECH and connect with yourself and to become more productive and balanced.

More than just nutrition and fitness; true wellness is about disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with yourself, our earth and your community.

Embark on a digital detox journey with me, Andi Lew in my latest health guide; the ultimate wellness detox.

Learn what you can do daily, so that you aren’t so addicted to your device. Get in touch with nature and all things natural.


It has become too easy to get caught up in the addiction of technology and hand held devices.

How do we stop something though, that has, in all fairness improved our lives so much? Because that’s really the bottom line. It already has and can improve our lives now. We have so much more access to so much more information and networks. We have been able to connect with people we wouldn’t normally have been able to reach. The other side of this is that now, we are not even noticing the people or moments right in front of us, because we are looking down, not up!
Everyone I have actually spoken to, has also admitted that they’re in need of a digital detox.
I realised there wasn’t one person that didn’t want some ‘time out’ from their phone but didn’t know how.
They’re like, “Hand over this book! I need it in my life!”
It’s like they almost said it in jest, but remember: there’s truth in every joke. That’s why jokes are funny. There was also probably an element of desperation too, when it was said, because we know we have to eventually give this addiction up, but the ‘how’ was the hard part.
That’s why I just had to write this book! I felt compelled to create something to help you use your technology a little less.
The key is to not stop using our devices, but rather add balance to our lives.

This could be really hard when you use your technology for work and you have a sedentary job, right? Even then, there are still ways of creating balance.
This concept of balance is consciously created in Wellness Loading, a Digital Detox, so that when you are actually using your technology, it is for more concentrated, consciously chosen periods of time.
And when you decide to ‘turn off tech’, your technology, you just as consciously decide to really tune out.
You get to create a ‘knowing’ that you will be able to go back to your device again with just as much commitment, if not more, to that task. And that’s because you chose to reconnect when you chose to disconnect.
This is important because, in our fast paced modern world, we are doing more, but can often ‘be’ less or achieve less.
Have you ever found yourself going to respond to a message, only to get caught up scrolling through photos of your friend’s mum’s boyfriend’s colleague’s cat, and thought, “How on earth did I get on here?”
It can all become a little mindless.
We don’t even realise, but our time spent on our phones can get us side tracked.

Now, here we are getting distracted more than we ever have before!
Our ads are quicker, messages shorter and words are even becoming acronyms.
LOL, ROTFL, DVD, FOMO, CEO, do I need to go on? We have created a demand for ‘quick’.
And that’s ok to be distracted when we want to disconnect and do something mindless, especially if we have had a stressful day. Just be aware of not getting too trapped into the unproductively of it all, when it becomes a thing you do on a regular basis. We used to have set times to choose to be mindless and watch an entertaining movie. We were able to be disconnected in a wonderful way, maybe once a week. Now, we have too much access, so it’s no longer planned or scheduled, but rather just anytime and all day, every day!
As cliche’ as it sounds, it really is all about balance. Everyone talks about the word, ‘balance’. You often hear people saying, don’t give up the wine, the chocolate, or any other indulgence. Rather “have it in moderation”, which is just another word for ‘balance’. After all, trying to give up something completely and go ‘cold turkey’ may leave you wanting it even more initially.
What you resist; persists.

So join me on a real and balanced digital detox journey.

160 pages
Ebook $17.95

Available in bookstores across Australia and via www.andilew.com

image copy

Green Tea Amazeballs

Makes 15 balls

2 cups quinoa oat flakes (gluten free options), or rolled oats
1 cup pitted dates, roughly chopped
½ cup of shredded coconut
½ cup of sultanas
½ cup of almonds
2 tbs organic peanut butter
1 tbs cocoa powder
2 tbs honey
3/4 tbs or more filtered and alkalized water
1 tsp vanilla extract
Organic green tea powder for rich anti-oxidants and metabolism booster

Put all ingredients apart from the water into a food processor and blend until it has the consistency of breadcrumbs. Add the water and continue to process until it becomes sticky enough to roll into balls.
Use a tablespoon to measure the mixture and roll into firm balls. Roll into green tea powder to make the outside look pretty and store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Note: You’ll need to make sure the peanut butter is a good quality, pesticide-free kind. Spiral Foods do a great one. If your guests are anaphylactic and cannot consume peanuts, you may like to use a different type of nut butter or cold-pressed organic coconut oil instead.

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