Wellness is loving your body, accepting your Self wholeheartedly.

It is being vulnerable and open.

Wellness is about expressing the you that is deep inside you, the you that cares, that shares, that yearns to live a full life.

It is breathing, being.

Wellness is closing your eyes, giving and receiving touch.

Wellness is niceness, laughter and boundaries.

Wellness is movement.

It is fiction, gratitude and sleep.

It is fun, color, support.

Wellness is saying I love you as many times as you want.

Wellness is joy.

Wellness is your body.

Wellness is opening the window and breathing in fresh air of love, life and spirit.

It is inquiring your thoughts.

It is taking off your heels after long days.

It is living in the paradigm of being everything and being nothing.

Wellness is tapping into your deepest wisdom.

It is expressing yourself on a level you never think you could.

Wellness is listening to Katy Perry’s Spiritual, right before listening to Shots by LMFAO.

Wellness is saying no and standing your ground.

It is the hard choices we face in life and making them to the best of your abilities.

It is forgiveness, unconditional acceptance and self-appreciation.

Wellness is living your life without apologizing for the person you are.

It is being brave, being fearless, being guided by spirit.

Wellness is a glass of wine, cheese and great friends.

It is spending a day with your child, holding your partner’s hand even if you’ve been married for 30 years and never stopping to wildly kiss.

It is touching the earth and hugging some trees.

Wellness is hot sex, drinks by the pool, barbeques outside.

Wellness is grace.

Wellness is art.

Wellness is the universe, it is everything.

Don’t limit your wellness to lotions, potions and perfume.

Don’t limit it to green juices, weight loss and exercise.

Don’t limit it to what others say it is.

Wellness, my love, is all of you.

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