“Ultimate wellness is when our body’s well is fully charged, infused with the essence within, making us feel whole.“

Irina Gladuchshenko

Once upon a time, ‘Wellness” was simply another word in the back of the dictionary, and the pursuit of it, reserved for the slightly kooky or fringe-dwelling hippy. Today it seems to be the hottest over-used buzzword around, big business that we’re buying into, in search of a healthier lifestyle.

The question is, are we finding it and if not, why not?

So often I hear friends say “I just need to go to a retreat to get healthy” or “I better go to yoga after that big night I just had”, merrily deluding themselves into finding wellness.

You can buy wellness everywhere; in cafes with turmeric-vegan-almond milk-soy lattes and $25 vegan yogurts, or at the yoga and Pilates studio, or by way of a luxury detox centre, all promising varying degrees of wellness. So if this is the path to wellness, why is it we are still not satisfied and continue to search for it?

According to Melanie White, PS food and wellness coach…

“The new wellness has a deeper and more holistic meaning. It’s about what it takes for you to thrive as an individual…. to be truly well – optimally healthy and satisfied in all areas of life so that we thrive – we need to find our own unique and special formula.”

Wellness is not a quick fix; it is not a fad or a commodity you can buy but rather a state of lifestyle. By experiencing wellness, we need to think, feel, breathe and seek it out daily. Wellness is balance, we need to make conscious choices to guide our bodies and minds into a perfectly balanced state.

Rather than running the binge-purge program, that is often a tempting easy option, true sustainable wellness is more likely to be achieved by applying healthy choices to our everyday routine. Dry July success might give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement but your body cannot benefit long term, if it’s re-toxed in August.

The tools are all out there, it is up to us to learn how to incorporate them in a balanced manner, into our busy lifestyles. So next time you reach for that green smoothie, don’t forget to drink it mindfully, and thank your blender with a smile of gratitude!

Melanie goes on to advise:

“Biological evidence goes to show – we are all totally different and have different needs – yet the concept of wellness is just catching up. What works for one person simply doesn’t cut it for another.

Discover your own path to wellness, simply by questioning your needs, values and desires at a deeper level. Experiment, and perhaps seek support to understand yourself and the potential of what it takes for you, personally to thrive.”

Here are some simple ways you can add wellness into your day. Just find the ones that make your heart sing and try to engender them into becoming daily a habit.

  • High intensity exercise
  • A quiet walk in nature
  • A nourishing breakfast
  • A plant-based or vegetarian diet
  • A morning jog or walk with the dog
  • Plenty of socializing
  • Outdoor activities, getting some daily Vitamin D
  • Daily journaling, a checking in process
  • Punctuate the day with 2-minute mindfulness breaks (use the timer on your phone)
  • Monthly massages – add to the diary


Melanie White is a Wellness and Food Coach who loves helping people to adapt and thrive. After 13 years in a stressful corporate role, she realised empowering people was far more enjoyable and meaningful.

To learn more or book an appointment with Melanie please contact us at [email protected]

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