Back in 2015 wellness was just exploding and Bellabox wanted to do a natural beauty box. I had the opportunity to interview co-founder Sarah Hamilton back then AND we launched an amazing Natural Beauty Box which sold out almost immediately. That was back when wellness was just starting to really come onto the scene in the mainstream.

Now Bellabox have launched their seasonal Welcome To Wellness box. Beyond beauty, the Welcome to Wellness box is a plus-sized subscription box that encourages women to prioritise their own self-care. Encouraging wellness across skin, your insides, and even your mental and physical health, each box will contain up to fifteen health and wellness products. From healthy drinks to vegan make-up, and from natural teeth-whitener to collagen and organic skin care, the Welcome to Wellness box has been curated to improve every aspect of women’s health and happiness.

I caught up with Sarah to find out more about how natural beauty and wellness has changed in Australia since 2015.

Since we spoke how has the beauty landscape changed from 2015 to now?

The beauty industry has changed dramatically in the last few years.

Consumers are more concerned than ever with understanding what goes into their beauty products with many seeking out natural-based beauty brands. With a huge emphasis placed on healthy eating and exercising in today’s society, it is no surprise that consumers also want to ensure their skin and beauty products are providing the best care for their largest organ.

The influence of social media is undeniable. With beauty bloggers promoting the latest products and sharing their reviews with their thousands of followers. It is important to me that at bellabox Australia we really believe in the products we are providing our customers with and ensure they are the best quality.

Do you think people are much more aware of wellness in their everyday lives as opposed to a trend that was done occasionally?

Definitely! People are now prioritising it and making sure it is part of their everyday life. From workplace wellness programmes to the weekly yoga classes, people are learning how to manage their wellness on the inside as well as on the outside. Being able to create a healthy lifestyle rather than adopting a diet or fitness trend is so important! Everyone’s lives are getting busier and we are able to be contacted 24/7, it is essential that people feel as though they can take time out to focus on themselves and work on maintaining wellness in their everyday life.

Have you seen in increase in demand for more natural products and wellness focused products?

Absolutely, which is why we created the Welcome To Wellness box. Our customers are now looking for more ways to incorporate natural products into their routines and wellness-focused products are definitely on the rise. Everyone wants to feel good on the inside and on the outside; it’s not just about beautiful make up anymore, it’s about feeling beautiful from within.

Tell us about your new Welcome To Wellness box

Promoting wellness across skin, your insides, and your mental and physical health, each Welcome To Wellness box contains up to fifteen health and wellness products. In addition KX Pilates is offering a free reformer class to every subscriber. From healthy drinks to vegan make-up, and from natural teeth-whitener to collagen and organic skin care, the Welcome to Wellness box has been curated to improve every aspect of women’s health and happiness. These boxes are released quarterly, so ladies can choose whether to opt for one box or four in a year, which will give them a little boost in their wellness routine every few months! We also have the Welcome To Wellness Facebook page which we set up in conjunction with the box, it’s a lovely community of ladies supporting each other through their wellness journeys.

What are your customers wanting more of in 2019?

Finding creative ways to implement personalisation is really high on our priorities – we recently surveyed 3,000 members and we had some great insight into what they want to see from us. Our team is actively looking at more environmentally sustainable products and materials, we recently introduced fully degradable post bags for our Women’s monthly subscription box. On the beauty side, we are including more environmentally conscious brands in our boxes, natural products and multi-purpose. bellabox has introduced thousands of women to new favourite beauty and lifestyle products since 2011, today we are looking at how these products assist them in their goals of being kinder to themselves and the planet.

What do you like to do for your own wellness and work/life balance?

For myself, I make a conscious effort to exercise in the morning, even a little bit goes a long way to boosting my energy for each day. During family time, I avoid my phone completely so that I can be really present and engaged with my kids. At work, I always like to be laughing with my team, during meetings and no matter what is going on, everyone should feel that they are in a comfortable and human-centred environment to brainstorm, problem solve and create effectively.

Is there one thing in your routine you can’t live without?

Oh my god, I love the KOHLE Charcoal Konjac Sponge, it effortlessly exfoliates and cleanses the skin and preps for your skincare routine that follows. We are really excited to have this product in Welcome to Wellness this winter as an opt-in. It’s skin dehydration season and we need more of those quick and effective morning hacks, I’m a sucker for any tools and accessories that help me multi-task. A facial oil or treatment is my other go-to, I like to do something good for my skin while I’m playing sport or just getting the kids ready for school, we have a gorgeous Rose Otto Elixir from Mary Grace for our subscribers this season and I hope they enjoy them as much as I do.  

What do you wish every busy woman should know about taking care of herself?

Three tips from me would be:

  • Make sure you switch your mind off and get plenty of sleep!
  • Learn how to say no, especially when you need a break (make yourself the priority) .
  • Minimise the stress of cooking everyday and prep your meals at the weekend.

Get the box

Welcome To Wellness is available to purchase individually or with a two-or four-box subscription, the Welcome to Wellness box is the perfect way to make you feel good from the outside in.

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RRP:  $59.95 for quarterly subscription (1 box)
$115.90 for six month subscription (2 boxes)
$199.80 for full year subscription (4 boxes)

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