Travelling solo might be that one thing you’ve been eager to cross off your bucket list but are too afraid to actually do.

I know, the thought in itself can be a very unnerving. As a female traveler, there are a lot of things to consider before going on a solo journey: from leaving your responsibilities at home or work, safety, the proper clothes to wear, and even the fear of being lonely. These are all real and valid concerns, but as with all things, preparation is key to overcome anything.

Enter the era of solo female travelers—in a recent TripAdvisor survey of more than 9,000 women, 74% had either already travelled alone or were planning on travelling solo, a fact which is supported by Pinterest pins focused on female solo travel rising by 350%. A growing phenomenon fueled by the ease with which social media allows us to stay in touch with loved ones, an option that lets solo female travelers to feel safer when traversing the globe on their own.

Solo travel truly gives you perks that outweigh all your anxieties—being in the travel business, I’ve journeyed enough to know. Once you’re in it, you’ll soon find out that many other solo travelers, men and women alike are out there—solo travel no longer means traveling alone. There will always be the option to socialise when you feel like it, whilst discovering a new destination at your own pace. To ease you into it, let me share reasons why every woman should give solo travels a try at least once in their life.

You will learn to love you

Get to know yourself better as never before; learn your weaknesses and more importantly, your strengths. Spend time enjoying your own company and allow yourself to have the space to reflect as you break away from the comforts of home and stresses of everyday life.

The world is your oyster

It’s that one time opportunity to grab anything life has to offer. Do the things you’ve been shying away from—learn a new skill, achieve a personal goal, get busy with a new hobby, dive, surf, or go on an adventure. Whatever you want to do, you do you!

Zero drama

You’re responsible for no one’s enjoyment but your own. When travelling by yourself you are completely free to do what you want, when you want it. You’re able to go on holiday on your own whim, when it best suits you, and with no need to take into account other people’s commitments.

Meet new people

On a solo journey, the chances of meeting like-minded individuals are in your favour. Mingle with fellow travellers and friendly locals. Secure your safety by sticking with a group as you enjoy new company on lunches, yoga classes, hikes and tours.


Fall in love

Love takes different forms…fall in love with the charm of nature, different cultures, languages, exotic food and breath-taking sceneries. Concentrate on your new surroundings and discover what your destination has to offer without it being filtered through anyone else’s eyes.


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