Ideas for expressing your love in February.


The adventurous spirit of Aries often can seem impervious to outside views, and yet if the relationship is still fairly new they can actually require reassurance from their lover in words and expression. For longer term couples, perhaps you can create an art piece just for them, or try finding something unique, new and visually exciting. Wear a new red dress, red lingerie, or something thrilling. Take them away from their usual routine, as a well thought out surprise away from the ordinary will capture your Aries attention.  They like having things that others don’t, so an unusual gift, new invention, or something truly special. This Valentine’s Day you could even try out a tarot reading, or something else they have never done before… A special note for a small percentage of those in the audience, “No, by surprising them with something different, I didn’t mean that your partner necessarily wants to try paintball, but good try, I see what you did there…”


Food, glorious food! And for the love of a quiet – beautiful- location that’s chock full of all the simple or refined luxuries. If you can cook, they will love that most of all, especially if they usually cook. If you can’t cook, then whether you’re ordering room service at a boutique hotel, or taking a picnic basket to the middle of a field, try to get away alone together in a picturesque place. Wear your most sensual outfit. Taurus will either have a very strong penchant for perfume or one heck of a serious issues of annoyance toward aromas. If they love fragrance, wear some or buy it for them. You can also find incenses that smell like chocolate, coffee, strawberries and many more. Some Taureans will prefer essential oils, and others even love perfumes that smell like foods such as chocolate, bubble gum and more. The better you know your Taurus mate the more you can think outside the box, but they are a creature of all of the senses. Check your Taurus out for their like or loathing of aromas, and then you can purchase appropriately… 


Is there somewhere you can take them that doesn’t have WIFI?
Massage, a rustic dinner, sweet treats, and wine with privacy. Preferably do this in Tuscany, but if like the rest of us you can’t, you can do this at home as well. Hot stone massage serves two fabulous purposes… it makes them remain still for a while, (otherwise the stones move), and it keeps them away from their phone and other gadgets. Get your Gemini out of their head and place them back into their heart, into their body and fully present with you. No doubt your Gemini will have a thousand emails to catch up on that could wait for one night. Gemini either wants to talk, to listen, or to do neither, but don’t make them problem solve or navigate for you if you want them to relax into your arms. If you carry their mind away to delicious discussions about the interesting, the mind bogglingly amusing, or otherwise unique, you will have their undivided interest all evening. Ideal would also be an amazing book, movie, or indulgence of the mind and senses that can transport them from the everyday. 


You could set the mood with soft music, a relaxing spa, and a set candlelit table for two. Lock the doors behind you, and take the phones offline. You will have already left a message at the door for them to go straight into the dining room, stay there, take a seat, and wait. Now, have another note at the table to tell them not to move or they will ruin the surprise.
When they have waited a few minutes and are getting a bit twitchy, walk in wrapped in a warm, or feathery light beautiful blanket with soft soothing textures in light pastel colours or white. Leave the rest for imagination, and carry with you a single red rose and a heart shaped molten chocolate cake, dripping with lashings of ganashe, cream, strawberries, and sweet treats. It’s possible they will melt like the serving on the plate you prepared. Or you could sit under the stars, watching the world fly by.


For a woman make a Leo man sit in anticipation at an opera, play, or musical performance, dressed to the nines but revealing the slightest hint of new exotic lingerie would drive him wild. For those with a Leo woman as their love, letting her shine and feel like the only one in the world, beautiful, and truly loved will have the same affect. Leo hates fake feelings, so keep your affections and your attention to what’s important. The classiest restaurant in town, and the chance to dance or see and be seen- and to as quickly disappear by whisking away together into the night just as you arrived – is all part of the fun. A tango lesson, a ride in an open drawn carriage ride, a trip in a limousine, or if you are on a budget, the nicest bottle of bubbly you can get and a beautiful home cooked pasta usually goes a long way with Leo.


For a person who tries so hard to please others, the more thought you put into what you do for your Virgo, the more they will love you for it…possibly forever. If you were to write about your love for them and leave it in a note, or have it placed in the newspaper and place the copy in front of them, it would mean the world to them to have you share your thoughts and feelings of why they are special to you. Most of all they just want you, fully present, with lots of hugs, caresses and kisses and loads of time. A quiet space in which to indulge is ideal and to let them do the talking. Luxurious bedlinen and a locket with a picture of you in it for them to wear next to their heart can cause them to carry you through their day and throughout their dreams.


If we imagine Doris Day singing “Dream a little dream of me” I think it’s a great place to start to understand Libra in love. Of course our Gen Y folks are probably laughing, but there is method in my madness. Libra will tell you they don’t want anything, but do not, I repeat DO NOT fall for that. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. Libra loves luxury, the magickal, beautiful, ethereal, music, the arts, and the sense of colour, aroma, and “cute” things. These are all the landscape of Libra, unless they have some odd placements with some of the more emo planets and asteroids, in which case you should get my help with their chart! Jewellery, music, or a complete day spa are ideal for Libra. Let them relax, float and unwind. Make the world and its troubles fade far, far, in fact as far away as you can, we don’t want that sort of thing here you know. Take them to a private paradise even just for one hour or one day… And perhaps, to add in Snow Patrol’s song “Chasing cars” so you can just lay there with your Libra and forget the world. Libra has never been known for allowing anyone to rush them, so that’s why I started with Doris in 1955 and ended in Snow Patrol in 2006. I know, I know, we are still a decade behind…It’s 2016! But, Libra loves beautiful moments that can go on forever whether in that moment or in memory. Just don’t take them into the kind of conversation that they feel is taking forever in a matter of moments.


The thing to understand about Scorpio in romance is that normally, they are in control even if they seem out of control. That can be a good thing, it can also be intoxicating. You will know if a Scorpio loves you, you will know if a Scorpio strongly dislikes you, and at times both could be happening in varying degrees and ways at once. But if Scorpio isn’t showing interest in you at all, you should probably back away for now. If they feel too deeply understood by others they can feel raw. That they have no place left to retreat, and to hide all of their deeper thoughts and feelings. But, if you are the only one who understands them, they could love you forever. This is because Scorpio needs their very own safe space away from the world, where they can keep their secrets. Does your Scorpio need their own meditation room, their own “man-cave,” or a special lockable treasure box? Your Scorpio, will either adore feeling in control or will be tired of taking control all day at work. Be flexible in your approach, and be ready for pretty much anything. If you place them harbour side, poolside or by a wide open river you will have them all to yourself.  Why not also try intense, contrasting flavours of food or being hidden away in a special, quiet restaurant tucked away from the noise of the city.


If only Sagittarius could escape to the pot of gold somewhere at the end of the rainbow, they would. They have a fascination for other places, other people, other ways of thinking, living, and being.  Try getting away together to some new exciting place. Try an apartment rather than a tiny hotel room. You will need space to be together as they like to dance in the air between you. Travel books and travel plans and a down-payment for a longer trip that was put off until later can also be something for them to really look forward to. If you can be generous with them or can give to causes they are passionate about that can mean a lot too. Subtly as much as loud proclamations of love can equally be loved by Sagittarius, if done right. Try to avoid speaking in terms of conclusions and assumptions with Sagittarius, instead you win more by planting seeds and letting them put it all together. You could make a treasure hunt of how to find you, but don’t make it take too long or too difficult to work out, they want to know they can win or work it out quite quickly. Now, although I said gold at the start of this, avoid buying one of those heavy chain necklaces with the lockable heart padlock on it you find in the jewellery shop. Most Sagittarius will look bewildered and a bit upset if you give them that. There is a reason for that.


Capricorn knows how to ask for what they want pretty much everywhere they go, so it’s possible they already made it obvious, or you should by now know how to read their mind. If all else fails, buy biscuits, very expensive sweet biscuits. Give them a clean house, hire a cleaner if necessary. Have your Capricorn’s favourite, well kept, fancy antique, heirloom silver water jug or whatever that is polished to perfection. You possibly hate the stuff you have to polish it with, may be the polish stinks, but if you pay for a cleaner for the day the cleaner won’t mind at all. Capricorn doesn’t like flash in the pan wasteful expenditure, unless it’s a black Porsche in which case who am I to argue, but they will have a few nice things they have kept forever even if they are, by some rare occasion, down to their last cent. It’s not about materialism really, it’s about looking after what you do have. If you show you care about those things it will make the world of difference to your Capricorn mate.  Capricorns should be prepared to spend on their partner at Valetine’s Day. A rose out of the garden is lovely here and there, two or three, but if that’s what you do on other days, try something less predictable on Valentines.  Taking them out to somewhere you share a special memory and as a surprise will be a winner. Whether you are loaded or strapped for cash, if what you do shows you care about them and only them, they will be all yours.


Whatever you do, avoid boring, thoughtless, or mundane. Show them that you wondered and pondered in your search for how to make this day special for you both. If you are at the serious stage of your relationship and both into marriage, popping the question on Valentine’s Day will be a long remembered winner and an easy anniversary for you both to never forget…Whatever you do don’t forget your anniversary with Aquarius! A gondala ride to a river side restaurant could top your night and make it truly special. And if you already have kids at home, try to get the night together alone. If that’s not possible, you could always make up a “mummy and daddy’s romantic love story” (The G rated version) storybook to share with your children that your partner had no idea you made, but shows how much you care about them. If its jewellery try something that is collectable, that you can add to over time. Like a charm bracelet you keep adding pieces to for your special events, anniversaries, special occasions in your shared lives. If you each have half pieces of a charm that comes together to make the whole piece this can also mean a lot to Aquarius.


Now, I know Pisces could be feeling jealous of Libra getting a song about dreams, however soft lighting, music, and lovely well picked wine or another kind of aperitif will go down well to start. Going to the movies, and holding hands in the dark. Or, meeting at a restaurant with you arriving slightly late while your Pisces waits for you. It can build the suspense, especially if the reward for waiting is to see you at your alluring best. If you are a woman with a Pisces man, try dressing and being a bit different to usual, or arrive wearing a wig. It can intrigue him. You could even tell your Pisces to dress up, get in the car and not tell them where you are going except to say they will love it and to relax, arriving somewhere truly special after a drive along the coast in the warm summer air. If it’s winter where you are, try stoking the fire instead or a weekend getaway to warmer climate. A good book can also be a great thing to take Pisces into another realm and serve as an excellent gift. Motivational posters and gifts that show encouragement for their goals and dreams can also help them feel that you support them.     

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