We all have some lines and wrinkles on our face- it tells the story of our life.

But some lines are very telling of our individual struggles and challenges, revealing much about our emotional well-being.

By diagnosing and treating facial lines with traditional medicine we can not only address the cosmetic concerns but also help to create a shift in any unaddressed emotional blockages. This is testament to the holistic nature of cosmetic acupuncture, helping it heal more than just skin deep.

Forehead lines: Worry, shock and anxiety

Often associated with unresolved trauma and shock in the past. Over worry and anxiety can lead to frequent raising of the eyebrows and a build-up of energy in the brow- often associated with headaches and neck pain.

Crow’s feet: frustration, tension, decision making, happiness

Soft crow’s feet are desirable and indicate a happy individual. When they become deep and fixed it can indicate tension and frustration, and a lot of time spent making difficult decisions.

Jaw tension: resentment, anger, unexpressed emotions

The most common facial disharmony in women today, a tight jaw can indicate a lack of self-expression, giving too much to others and not feeling like they can speak their mind. This creates energy blockages and results in resentment and anger towards others and the world around them.

Lip lines: bad habits, under-nourishment of the self

Upper lip lines are associated more obviously with smoking, but also other damaging habits such as eating disorders and not recognising the good in the world (bitterness). Prominent vertical lip lines often indicate under-nourishment of the self, denial of self-support physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Frown lines: Frustration, impatience, suffering, concentration

Occasionally individuals with a deep line or two between the eyes are just deep concentrators without a strong emotional connection. On a deeper level however frown lines can indicate a frustration and impatience with the world, or deep and prolonged suffering.

Lines under the eyes: grief, sadness, lost love, stress

Lines under the eyes can indicate a deep sadness and grief over a lost love or longing. They can also indicate someone who has a stressful lifestyle and may not spend enough time nourishing and supporting themselves.

Naso-labial lines: sadness, anger

Associated with the smile, if this line is deep and droopy it can indicate someone who has experienced sadness and disappointment in their life and finds it difficult to smile. It may also indicate chronic gut issues.

Mouth and jowls: grief, sadness, anxiety

A dropping mouth and jowls can indicate grief, sadness and suffering. The neck muscles play a large role in the formation of jowls so it is important also to keep these stretched and supple with facial yoga. Anxiety can also cause contraction and disharmony in the lower mouth and neck.