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There are many different options these days for professional skin treatments in salons and spas.

From peels in clinics, to long luxurious pampering facials in day spas, how do you know which is best? With natural and organic lifestyle choices trending higher than ever before, more and more people are looking to organic focused routines for a complete inside-out wellness solution for their health and beauty. So the million-dollar question is how do you get the results you’re after with professional skin treatments, whilst not compromising your organic values?

Beauty therapists are trained in a different way with organic ranges. They receive a lot of training around active ingredients and prepping the skin at each level to ensure the deeper levels are benefiting from the treatment.  The Australian Certified Organic professional skin brand organicspa is a great example of how science can meet nature. An organicspa treatment is nothing like you have ever experienced before. The style of treatments delivered by organicspa beauty therapist and the certified organic active ingredients, far surpass anything else on the market.

Organic Science is a bit different. With natural herbal extracts and essential oils, you get a high does of antioxidants to the skin; like super food for your face with optimal skin health benefits. This allows organic skin care brands to use fewer ingredients, whilst keeping their products pure and potent Mountain Pepper berry is one such powerful antioxidant used as a natural vitamin c and anti-inflammatory to strengthen capillaries and reduces puffiness. Combined with a natural hyaluronic acid in the new organicspa Bio-Hydra Mask, this treatment is anti-ageing, calming and strengthening. This unique treatment teaches therapists in a different order. A typical facial treatment would see you complete a facial massage before applying the mask. For the organicspa Bio-Hydra Mask the facial massage is conducted last and is as important as the treatment because it effectively helps lock in the ingredients of the mask and all that organic goodness into the skin. With organic ingredients, the skin requires careful preparation and consideration by the therapist, unlike a standard treatment, for optimal skin health benefits.


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Developed in the pristine shire of Byron Bay Australia, organicspa is your guarantee of purity, performance and peace of mind. A luxurious certified organic and vegan skin care range created exclusively for the professional salon and spa experience. organicspa uses the best nature offers with vitamins, oils and actives that ensure each product and treatment are results-driven. Developed by natural and organic chemist artisans with over 30 years of experience, organicspa is also certified by independent approved bodies like the ACO (Australian Certified Organic), OFC (Organic Food Chain) and vegan assessed by the UK Vegan Society. The range is made using the finest certified organic extracts combined with 100 % naturally derived ingredients sourced from fair trade suppliers, both locally and around the world. Their environmental footprint is also considered with eco-friendly packaging.

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