Would you like more support and someone to comfort and take care of you?

Who wouldn’t? And I believe you are not alone. We all need connection and understanding.

There is nothing better than personal connection; someone to sit and listen, empathies and comfort us. But for the times when they are not available, it’s important that you learn personal care. It is the mark of a mature adult to be able to take care of our needs. We can all benefit from being able to comfort and nourish ourselves.

This is how I use Altearah Bio perfumes and body oils with my clients. These beautiful organic perfumes are a great way for you to support yourself and promote self-care. By using these products you nurture yourself through aromatherapy, colour therapy and positive energy.

As a Kinesiologist I love to help my clients find better balance, peace and happiness in their lives and therefore foster better health. Stress and fear are the biggest challenges to our heath and wellbeing. I believe it is the cause of so much mental health issues these days. Too much fear causes us to contract and go into the fight and flight response in order to survive – it’s a natural instinct. But when fear and stress become chronic the habit leads to diminished trust in ourselves, our life and in our world. It’s surprisingly easy to slip into feeling depressed and isolated but with a little faith and hope you can find help;

  • Use Royal Purple or Red for more energy. They support your nervous system and adrenals and start to build renewed strength.
  • Orange body oil applied twice daily will help you connect with your emotions. Often our emotions are suppressed and we try to avoid feeling painful ones in order to move forward but we need to express ourselves and release blocked energy.
  • Use Yellow or Green for Joy and Freshness to being some sunlight and enthusiasm into your life.
  • Emerald green is for the deep wounds of the heart. I know many people who don’t like it! They don’t want to go there! If you do like then that’s great ‘cause it will help you restore trust, love and acceptance. If your heart has been wounded then there is a great need for forgiveness work.
  • Here comes Pink for tenderness. Often the forgiveness needed to heal the heart is forgiveness for Self so turn to pink for unconditional self love and acceptance.
  • Indigo is great for changing your mind, gaining clarity and getting a fresh perspective. We all sit in old belief systems and it may be time for a rethink. When we put ourselves in another persons shoes we get the situation differently or consider what beliefs you learned as a child that are no longer appropriate or workable.

I work with my clients to restore their faith and trust again, building resilience and a more positive outlook for their future. My Kinesiology helps to balance and energise mental, emotional and physical wellbeing with the support of the Altearah range. The perfume works instantly on the emotional level while the body oils have a deeper, slower and longer lasting effect on the mind and body. I recommend working with a body oil from the lower end of the spectrum (or the emerald) and then yellow, pink, turquoise or blues (blue or Indigo) or bring joy, peace and calm.

Just think how good you will feel when you learn how to make yourself feel better in such a delicious and enjoyable way. If you need any help choosing the colours or the products that are right for you just email me and I’ll be happy to help.

Maureen Callister

Maureen Callister is the founder and owner of Altearah Australia.Maureen works as a kinesiologist and started importing organic wellness fragrances from the south of France in order to provide her clients with a quality organic product that would support their wellness journey. “I wanted something that my clients would be happy to use which also encouraged healing and Altearah Bio does both beautifully”.

Maureen has worked internationally and locally in the health and wellness field. She specializes in recuperation and health recovery, anxiety and depression, teenage stress and mental health, plus spiritual and personal development. Her goal is to support her clients by discovering the root cause of their pain and stress and to reconnect them to their essence and passion and to make life easier.