First off, I know you’re probably thinking “What’s zeolite?”

So I thought a great place to start would be to answer your/my question. Zeolite is a natural mineral found in many places throughout the world such as Japan, the U.S., Europe and right here in Australia. There are many variations, but the variety I’m talking about is known as clinoptilolite, and it’s a very fine powder with a pinkish, sandy colour.

Right, so now you know it’s not some sort of made up “lite” yoghurt or similar, let me explain why it’s such a hidden gem.

1: Zeolite is Nature’s Best Detoxifier

If I could make a grander statement here, I would. But believe me when I say that zeolite wins this award hands down, even compared to things like activated charcoal. Zeolite is one of the few natural minerals that’s negatively charged. What this means is that it’s easily able to attract positively charged heavy metals and toxins from your skin or system (depending if you apply it topically, or ingest it). Then, it traps these “nasties” inside its cage like structure, ready to be washed away or excreted after use. In fact, not only does zeolite safely remove toxins, it swaps them for its healthful, negatively charged minerals such as potassium. Out with the old (and harmful), in with the new (and beneficial).

2: Zeolite is Nature’s Best Exfoliator

Again, pretty grand claim, I know. Due to its superfine powder-like texture, zeolite is incredibly gentle at removing dead skin cells when applied to your skin. It’s best applied when mixed with oils. This means that at the same time as giving a gentle exfoliation, the oils are “conditioning” your skin and helping to pull out any dirt trapped deep inside your pores. It can get a bit messy to remove, but much like you might remove your oil cleanser, simply grab a microfibre cloth and run warm-hot water over it until completely wet. Place the flat cloth over one part of your face (e.g. your cheek), leave on for a few seconds, then wipe the mixture off. No harsh scrubbing or rubbing required. Your skin is best treated as you’d want to be treated; kindly. Repeat this gentle swipe with a microfibre cloth until all the mixture is removed. You can even apply it to delicate areas such as your décolletage, and if you have enough, your entire body.

3: Zeolite Can Help To Heal Skin Wounds

Ok, so I’m not sure I can say zeolite is nature’s best wound healer, but it certainly does help to heal wounds. And who knows, it may well be nature’s best. When applied to wounds, zeolite speeds up the healing process by acting as a hemostatic agent. This basically means it stops bleeding by encouraging your blood to clot sooner. Plus it helps to narrow your blood vessels (a process known as vasoconstriction), sooner than they would normally. On top of all that, it then aids your skin in repairing itself by helping the wound to naturally contract or tighten. It does this by causing localised inflammation. It then encourages collagen production; the building-blocks of new tissue. Again, applied as a paste to the effected area is the best way for zeolite to work its magic. Please note that if it’s a burn, never use oils of any kind direct onto the “raw” area, as they will heat up from the heat of the burn, and make things a whole lot worse. Perhaps try mixing zeolite with pure aloe vera and applying to your skin with clean fingers.

Please make sure to source the highest quality zeolite available. This is especially important when it comes to minerals as they may contain all sorts of contaminants from the earth if not properly filtered.

So what are you waiting for? Try incorporating zeolite into your health and wellness routine today. As they say, “haste makes waste”, though I’m sure zeolite would help clean that up too!


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