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 Australian Certified Organic

This month we are celebrating Australian Organic Awareness Month! I am so honoured to be an official Australian Certified Organic (ACO) supporter this year and everything we are featuring this month is certified organic product.

I know this is natural beauty expert, not organic beauty expert, but this month I wanted to highlight the importance of organic. Switching to natural toxic free skincare is just the first step, if you’re already on board with this then maybe it’s time to start considering certified organic? When a product is certified organic it is your assurance that no chemicals have been near the product, produce or soil, making it the most pure of product available. Natural products could still have ingredients that have been produced from raw ingredients that have been treated with pesticides.

I am all about choice. So long as you are informed about what’s available then you can make the choice for yourself on where your hard line lies, natural or certified organic? So long as I can educate on the benefits of each then I have done my job here at NBE.

Living a natural and healthy lifestyle you are probably already using plenty of ACO products already! I was pleasantly surprised to discover a couple of my favourite products (like Nerada peppermint tea and Pana Chocolate) were both ACO products! Making the switch to organic is never as hard or scary as it seems, a little bit of research and you will find that some of your favourite products are probably already part of the ACO family.

New Look Site!

Changes are a’comin! I have been promising change coming and we are so close to moving to our new format. During the month you will find a different version being launched and are already changing how we deliver news. Articles will now be updated during the week instead of our usual big monthly issue. This means you get fresh content every week within our monthly theme and lead interview.

Skin Clinic Coming!

Speaking of new developments, I am so excited to announce that I will be opening a skin clinic towards the end of September in South Yarra, Melbourne! Services will include hair removal (body sugaring), natural spray tanning, natural manicures and pedicures and amazing organicspa facials! To get new of the new clinic first go on our waiting list by emailing me at [email protected] with ‘waitlist’ in the subject.


I have had another busy month with August bringing another practitioner event this time we were on the Gold Coast check out our photos below. As well as the event we had organicspa training and I also headed to Sydney for the International Beauty Expo. I absolutely love presenting and meeting therapists and practitioners from all over Australia to discuss the benefits of the business of natural and organic beauty!

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We are finalists!

I am so pleased that we are finalists in an industry award called My Face My Body, and we are up for best beauty journalist/blogger of the year! If you love this publication, please give us your vote!

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Our cover this month is Australian Organic Awareness Month Ambassador Carla Oates. Carla is the founder of the amazing The Beauty Chef products (which I am a little more than obsessed with!) Her beauty powders are based on probiotic health for your digestive system and her skin products are some of the best in the business. Hers is a company that truly brings the meaning to inside out health within one brand.

Read Carla’s interview:

Carla Oates

Our spa review this month is not really a spa review, but rather a cover story on how you can experience Australia’s best retreat, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. To really switch off from our modern crazy world sometimes more than an hour is needed, and this lifestyle retreat certainly delivers. Discover Gwingana:

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

To celebrate Australian Certified Organic month I have selected my favourite products listed with ACO. Start your organic skincare journey here:

Best of Australian Certified Organic

Are you a professional with something to say? We always have amazing practitioners joining our community, have you met our contributors yet?

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So I invite you to grab a cup of herbal tea, relax and live life from the heart.

Much love

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