Stop Following Your Guru and Start Following Your Gut

Our knowledge base is growing exponentially with new discoveries, answers, solutions, and breakthroughs occurring daily. One of those breakthroughs is a significant new focus on one of the most important factors impacting our personal lives. It’s our gut microbiome that determines our physical health and/or how mentally stable we are. This is the link to cosmic consciousness. It’s not our guru.

We’ve been fortunate enough to see improvements in Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue just by making small healthy changes to our gut microbiome. The good news is, I believe there’s no turning back. We’ve walked away from the twilight zone and into awareness with each well-informed step we take toward the new wellness.

What we eat and what we exclude are equally important. If we decide to choose a healthier style of eating but are still calling our abusive boyfriend at 2 am, there’s a problem. We can chalk it up as being under extreme stress. Truth is, toxic friends, family, and lovers are the worse stress we can experience because stress makes it’s mark on our microbial activity via the gut-brain axis.

Our central nervous system can be profoundly disturbed by the absence of a normal gut microbiota. Stress is responsible for phycological changes in hormones, moods and immune activity. Still, we don’t need to run to our guru to break this carcinogenic habit. We can ask ourself; ‘do these occurrences represent a healthy lifestyle or improve our path toward consciousness?’ We can then choose to walk away from destructive behaviours.

With the continuing influence of health retreats opening up all over the country, we’ve seen modalities such as infrared therapy, ozone therapy, pulse electromagnetic field therapy, drumming, Yoga, and meditation that have the ability to decrease stress, guide us to rethink consciousness, reduce anxiety, which in turn improves immunity, gut microbiome, and behavior.

It’s 2017, and we’ve come to the realization that we need not look to gurus for answers when we can find the answers we need deep within our gut. Yes. You know that gut feeling. It’s what drives us, keeps us in a safe spot, gets us thinking about a new start, and what talks to us on an intimate level. When we ignore it, we wish we hadn’t.

Today, we have a deeper understanding of the non-dietary lifestyle that involves the health of our gut bacteria. The old lifestyle included toxins such as cigarettes, heavy metals, indoor and outdoor air pollution and exposures to chemicals in cosmetics, hand sanitizers, and laundry products. Either way you look at it, all of these environmental factors had a negative impact on our microbiome, hormones and skin health. The good news is we’ve been instrumental in taking necessary measures to avoid and remove these from our lives. Woo-hoo!

Better yet, it’s well-established that probiotics are an important component of our daily habits to re-establish good intestinal flora. On the other hand non-benevolent forces can oppress and disempower the make-up of the gut microbiome as well as emotions. Those who have become aware of the new wellness, realize that we have a choice for wellness at every avenue.

What about radiant skin?

There’s no guessing game anymore about the connection between good gut microbes, reduction of toxic exposures, and radiant skin health. We’ve increased awareness on how stress, chemicals, and synthetics reduce nutrition to the skin’s epidermis, deplete vitamins, and is casual in premature aging. This means we have the power to turn back the clock. It’s refreshing that we’ve come such a long way!


Improved brain health

We’re on the verge of eliminating inflammation in our body and brain by giving the gut microbiome the nutrition it needs to thrive. This means we could possibly see in our lifetime a decrease in obesity, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The new wellness

The vagus nerve establishes a connection between the functions of the digestive system and the brain. Gut Microbiome is the number one influencer of wellness. It influences immunity, bone health, energy production, proper weight balance, skin health, hormones, thoughts, and more. The gut microbiome is the communication system of bacteria that lives inside all of us.

To take this one step further we are who we are because of the union between our genetic makeup and over 50+ trillion bacteria. It’s fascinating to know our bacteria can affect how our genes express themselves. This complexity is who we are. Our guru could never be that intrinsically connected.

By listening to our gut, we are paying attention to our dharma. We are improving our quality of life each time we welcome this new wellness and the new spirit-intellect it provides us.

We traded our guru for you!

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