The intelligence of our body goes far beyond scientific findings of a physical nature.

Our body has an innate ability to respond to the way we think about ourselves. The communications from the brain affects the whole body. It is this very idea that has brought our awareness out from the hidden secrets of life itself. We bring light to the truth of who we are by being aware. For so long we have been self-governing ourselves with negative habits and attitudes which have led to poor belief systems and behaviours. A chronic pattern of thinking becomes a belief and therefore influences our actions. In other words, the more you tell yourself the same thought or of similar thought to a particular subject, the more it becomes part of your belief system, and therefore becomes who you unknowingly are in this world. At the core of your thinking, what are you telling yourself? Who have you allowed opinions of yourself to become yours? Why do you believe in them? Becoming aware of this is the beginning of true self-healing at every level.

Fortunately, every negative thought you ever had about yourself is not true because who-you-really are is Love. All else is but an illusion of self. We came into this world with nothing but unconditional love. With a higher intelligence beyond physical knowledge. In the infancy of your life here on earth, you came into this world with a pure and positive energy, a life force that only knows Love. We did not come into this world with fear of living to our exponential growth. We add to the expansion of our experience by creating from Love. In other words, we came in to this world knowing we can create by thinking from a place of true self. Put it more simply, whatever feels good, any positive thought, is coming from a place of Love. If you are feeling negative, you come from a place of fear and therefore, a physical response to that thought in a negative way. This very illusion has caused us to be victims of our lives, rather than pillars of strength. We blame others for inflicting these negative thought patterns, and now we are accustomed to falsely believing this is who we are. The only way to health of a physical nature is to start from within.

A spark to reignite the flame you already have. It is your birth right to be happy. To be in love and to create positive experiences in life. So choose better feeling thoughts, allow your emotion to dictate what feels good to you. If its negative, if it brings you more stress, let it go and choose another thought. Where focus goes, energy flows. Well-being depends on finding your true inner self, your Chi, your inner-light of love. This then flows to a relaxed and peaceful state of mind, and therefore a more responsive body towards health. Your mental alertness is in tune, with clarity and sharp positive thinking. There is a steady flow- a natural rhythm of rest and action. Moving towards real measures of reducing stress, appreciating the need for a restful sleep, preventing toxins and relying on your inner intelligence to take care of you by believing in your true inner state of Love.

Anastasia Panourakis
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