Wellness is a style you wear, and everyone wears it differently.

It’s a bespoke fit that everyone needs to design to their own needs. There are so many different factors that go into creating your own wellness style. Just like fashion trends change, so do wellness trends. It’s taken me years to understand my own wellness style. I have tried just about every fad, trend and new “thing” that has every hit the market.  In my pursuit of wellness I have made my self very unwell, causing illness that took months to recover from.

The idea of wellness looks different for everybody, and it’s something that is deeply personally for some people.  Some people spend a life time in search of true wellness and others only look for wellness in the face of illness. Some people wear wellness like a badge of honour, happily displaying it to the world. Others live a life to please themselves, happy consuming what ever. We should never judge how people choose to wear their wellness.

I have learnt that wellness depends on a lot of little things falling into place. The bespoke designs of your wellness depends a lot on you budget, on your time and your how educated you are. Budget is a big one, it cost a lot eat clean organic food, keep a toxic free home and the cost of weekly yoga class can add up. Wellness can be expensive! Then there is the new modern issue of time, we all seem to be time poor these day. Getting to yoga, the farmers market or making time to ‘switch off’ is time consuming. Finally getting educated about wellness is endless, and sometime there is no easy answer. The world wide web, well meaning friends and some wellness ‘coaches’ can only add to the confusion.

My idea of wellness has changed too over the years, there was even a point where I thought skinny meant wellness, then there was a time where I thought wellness was going to the gym four times a week. As I said everyone has a different view of wellness and what that looks likes.

The idea of wellness should grow and change as a we move though life. A mum of three will need different wellness needs then a young man at Uni. This may seem simple but, I feel we have lost that basic understanding. I feel we often look for the quick fix or the one size fits all approach and nothing could not be further form the truth.

Wellness, like I said, is a lot of little things all falling into place. You can’t hit the gym every weekday, then party all weekend long, also you can’t only eat a raw vegan diet then slather your self in toxic make-up. Wellness is finding your own balancing act, a space where you can maintain your wellness style.

Only when your wellness style is in balance and you are able to maintain that balance will you find true wellness.

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