Natural Beauty, that’s exactly what young skin should be.

Our skin is delicate and still developing and going through so many changes that we shouldn’t be using anything with harsh chemicals that might damage our skin now and may even have long term effects. We all know the importance of eating healthy natural/raw food that’s good for you but, surprisingly, we don’t think the same when it comes to what we are putting ​on our skin, even though our skin is our largest organ and needs just as much love and care as the rest of our body.

Let’s talk natural.

Many products on the market today are created for adult skin, that needs to be hydrated, stripped or treated and use harsh chemicals to do this. If you have a look at the skincare products you currently use, I’m sure you will see a list of artificial and synthetic ingredients, including chemicals that can actually be dangerous if consumed and yet we put them on our skin to be ‘absorbed’. We don’t always know the effects of using such harsh chemicals, especially the harmful long-term effects it may have if used on our young, delicate skin. There are so many amazing natural ingredients available for skin care formulations, like the Australian native plant extract Plantolin® which I use in all my products and is scientifically proven to have amazing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, but from one natural source.

What about acne? Are natural products still able to manage breakouts during teenage years?

Natural products are actually ​more ​beneficial for combating issues like breakouts during our teen years, because they won’t strip the skin of its natural oils, if they’re formulated correctly. I think the biggest skincare issue based on my personal experiences, is dealing with breakouts and acne as a result of using makeup for dance competitions from a young age. I have tried other non-natural based products, to see what effects they might have, that found they stripped my skin and actually caused more breakouts and a worse reaction. By using natural ingredients from key plant extracts that contained anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activity to fight bacterial infections, my skin started to clear up while also still looking more fresh and healthy. The benefits of my natural products have been amazing, however, it’s just as important as getting into an good skincare routine. As young skin changes during adolescence it needs to avoid being stripped as a result of harsh chemicals. This also creates healthy routines from a young age, allowing us to grow confidently into adulthood with a healthy mindset about our body and health.

Don’t forget to scrub away those dead skin cells! (Naturally, of course)

Don’t underestimate the benefits a natural scrub can have on your skin! Effective natural exfoliates can definitely be found in natural and can work wonders for dull, stressed-out skin. I know when my skin is looking tired, I need to do more than my regular skincare routine and give it a little extra love. Chemical-filled exfoliates can actually have adverse effects as the ingredients used are mostly harsh and artificial (such as plastic beads) that lead to over-exfoliation which can be really damaging on young delicate skin, leaving skin dry, red and irritated. Young skin only needs to exfoliation once, maybe twice a week, to keep it looking fresh and to strips away any unnecessary dead skin. I have actually created a new range of natural exfoliating scrubs and masks, so look out for them in the coming months!

From a young age, I’ve realised the huge benefits all natural product can have in comparison to using chemical and artificial ingredients, which is why I created my natural skincare range for girls of all ages. Using natural products has improved my skin, which in turn has had a positive effect on my body image, confidence and developing healthy routines. This is why I believe natural products are ​always ​the best option for young skin, as I know from experience, it is the key to creating and developing healthy lifestyle habits from a young age.

Thank you for helping me share my story.

Izzi xx

You can read more about Izzi’s story and products at Luv Ur Skin.

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