Did you know women look in the mirror an average of 8 times per day?

We all want to look at our reflection and like what we see! It puts an extra skip in our step when we feel good about the way we look. But why do so many of us start to get it wrong as we age?

We are lucky to live in a world where getting a little extra help is completely accepted. I guess everyone has a different perception of what beauty is. But, if you ask me, I prefer natural looking beauty, even if it’s not! This becomes more imperative as we mature, but sadly that’s when too many women get it horribly wrong!

Let’s go through some dos and don’ts about ageing gracefully:

Fillers and Botox

Don’t: Fill your lips to look like balloons, it looks ridiculous ladies! If you are considering fillers and Botox then ensure you have a comprehensive face consultation first, it’s all about facial symmetry and balance. There is nothing worse than seeing a frozen face, with skin that looks as though it’s lived a life of sun, cigarettes and sleepless nights. It’s so obvious that you’ve had work done when the structure and skin don’t match.

Do: Use Botox to get rid of that angry line between your brows, it can make you look grumpy and unapproachable. How people perceive you is how they will respond to you, and no one likes a grump! Filler under the eyes can be subtle and life changing, especially for those of us who are always being told we look tired, when we aren’t.


Don’t: Buy high profile breast implants and wear them on a matured body. High profile breast implants don’t look nice when the skin is lax and thin, and you can see the implant protruding. Also don’t just go with the cheapest surgeon you can find, do your research. See three different surgeons before you decide on who you trust with the knife.

Do: Get those sagging eyelids cut off so you can see. The procedure for this is called a blepharoplasty and even Medicare has an item number for it! No make-up or injectable will ever fix it and it can make you appear drowsy and tired. Untreated it can affect your vision substantially.


Don’t: Wear smokey black eye make-up, use more natural tones without shimmer. Thick foundation can look awful, it gets caught in enlarged pores and wrinkles, even some powder foundations can make the skin appear extra dry and wrinkly.

Do: Use eye make-up, but wear eyeliner on the top to open your eyes, not on the bottom. Make-up is an art. I recommend all women do a basic make-up class so they can learn what is best for their skin tone, eye shape and eye colour. Like any good artist you must start with a nice clean canvas, try a laser treatment like Fraxel 1927. Laser resurfacing treatments can take 10 years off and help refine skin texture and pores making your make-up glide on with ease.


Don’t: Tan in the sun as your skin will lose collagen and the elastin will start to sag. Depending on your skin type you can also produce freckles, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles prematurely and, even more concerning, skin cancers. Do not apply a cheap fake tan at home, in bad lighting or without a full length mirror. #orangeisthenewblack is not the new tan!

Do: Have a nice natural looking spray tan by a professional.  The tan should only be a shade or two darker than your natural colour.

Stretch marks and cellulite 

Don’t: Buy skin tightening creams, they DO NOT work even though we reeeally want them to. It’s impossible to add collagen to the skin via a cream and nothing will prevent stretch marks except not gaining or losing weight rapidly.

Do: Use skin tightening devices such as the Thermarge, Cool Sculpt or Tru Sculpt. Skin needling can see some improvement on stretch marks. Unfortunately, we are still waiting on a miracle cure for these two concerns. Remember about 80% off the population have one or both so don’t ever let it get you down, that’s just the way us humans are made!

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