The Best Mindfulness Apps

Mindfulness can be a challenge to stop and breathe when life triggers you. Here are some of the best mindfulness and meditation apps to help when life gets challenging. Or to begin your regular meditation journey.

  • 1 Giant Mind

    The 1 Giant Mind technique is for anyone who wants to feel happier, less stressed and more energised. Our approach to meditation is easy and effortless. No previous experience is needed. Anyone can learn this meditation technique in 12 easy steps.

    5 key points of this technique

    – The 1 Giant Mind technique is easy and effortless to practice

    – This technique is for people with busy minds and busy lives

    – It requires no concentration, focus or control

    – You can practice anywhere, anytime, sitting comfortably with the eyes closed.

    – It doesn’t require adopting any belief system for it to be effective

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  • buddhify

    Bringing mindfulness to life. Full of custom-made meditation tracks to be listened to alongside your normal day, buddhify is the best on-the-go introduction to mindfulness available today. From waking up to going to bed, the app is full of over 80 short guided audio exercises which help you develop mindfulness, calm and compassion in the middle of wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Already a popular and award-winning app used around the world, buddhify has just been relaunched with all the new content made from direct suggestions from our users. With no hidden costs, users get over 11 hours of content for just one single price, making it not only beautiful to use, but amazingly good value.

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  • Calm

    Calm brings clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. Join the millions experiencing the life-changing benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

    Our mission is to make the world healthier and happier through the super power of meditation and mindfulness.

    We aim to explore mindfulness themes from different perspectives. We’ll be offering inspiring stories and practical insights. Our goal is to provide additional support as you embark on a path to bring mindfulness and meditation into your life, whether you’re a newcomer to meditation or a longtime Calm user.

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  • Headspace

    Our simple idea is to teach the world to meditate, so that everyone can live a happier, healthier, more enjoyable life.

    At Headspace we believe there is nothing more important than looking after the health of the mind, so we’ve made it our mission to get people everywhere to look after this precious resource by sitting to meditate for a few minutes a day, everyday. When this simple activity is considered no more strange than taking a shower, we’ll have achieved our aim.

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  • Smiling Mind

    Smiling Mind is a not-for-profit organisation that works to make mindfulness meditation accessible to all.

    Smiling Mind exists to help build individual mental health and wellbeing through positive, pre-emptive tools based on mindfulness meditation. Co-developed with psychologists and health professionals Smiling Mind is accessible to everyone, irrespective of geographic location or socio-economic status.

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  • MoodPrism

    MoodPrism is a newly developed app that helps you learn about your mood by transforming daily mood reports into a colourful summary of your emotional health. You will receive feedback on your mood each day, and the more you use the app, the more detailed this information will become – with flourishing scores after 1 week’s use, and depression/anxiety scores after 2 weeks of use. It also provides health information based on your daily mood, and links to mental health resources.

    We believe that using MoodPrism can help you boost your emotional health and well-being.

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