Local Australian brand The Base Collective are shaking things up in the natural beauty world.

With their philosophy of simplicity, good vibes and keeping it real, this is a new product you won’t want to live without.

How did The Base Collective get started?

The Base Collective started life as a concept about how we thought things should be, or probably more accurately – how they shouldn’t be.

Maybe it was us getting older (approaching your mid-30’s is bound to bring on a crisis of sorts!) or maybe it was because we were now both responsible for bringing up little people, but it occurred to Cassie and I that we really didn’t want it to be so difficult to make good choices for us and our families when it came to everyday products.  The simple stuff, like your hand wash or your body wash… it should actually be simple. It should work. It should make you feel good. It shouldn’t have any nasties in it. And it should look really good on your vanity or in your shower.  So that is where we started.

What is our philosophy?

There are probably three key elements to our brand – keeping things simple, wellness and design. We try hard not over complicate things and produce staples that work well rather than over complicate things with too much to choose from.  Wellness is about being more than just a skincare brand. We obviously want to create products that are amazing for your skin and body – but we want them to be just as amazing for your health and well being overall.  And then there’s the design aspect, which is really just about being gorgeous to look at and making you feel good about the space you put them in.

Of course, everything is underpinned by our commitment to natural and organic ingredients. Cassie is a Pharmacist so she works extensively with out manufacturer to ensure that everything that goes into our products is natural, effective and, where possible, organic. We basically want to take the hard work out of making sure you are using products that are good for you. If you pick up something by The Base Collective, you don’t have to worry about what is in it or read the label to check for yourself. Of course, if you do want to know we list every ingredient, not just the active ones.

Why the focus on Magnesium?

Magnesium is a bit of a buzzword at the moment but we think once you begin to understand how important it is to your health, then the “buzz” is probably pretty justifiable. We started incorporating it into our range as a wellness factor.  On its own, in our Magnesium Oil and Salts, it is an incredibly effective way to increase your Magnesium levels. (You also skip some of the side effects of oral supplements) And that is fabulous – because Magnesium is so important to you day to day function. It can help relieve muscle tension and pain, reduce cramps, manage stress…the list really feels almost endless.  But it is also one-dimensional and means an extra product on your shelf. (A totally worthwhile shelf addition from our perspective of course but…)

So we started to incorporate Magnesium as a key ingredient in other parts of our range.  For example in our White Tea + Magnesium Body Balm, it’s the combination of the rosehip oil base blend with the Magnesium that means your skin is thoroughly nourished and your body gets the added benefit of the Magnesium. We’ve also had numerous customers give us feedback that they are using this as a sleepy balm before bed, which is great.

And we added Magnesium to our wash as a great post work out option (hello muscle recovery!). Obviously in a body wash you won’t get to absorb as much Magnesium as you would in an intensive treatment like out Magnesium Oil but washing in that and then using the Balm creates a layering effect and every little bit helps.

Not all of our products include Magnesium and we’re not solely a Magnesium based brand. But we are finding our customers have loved the Magnesium based products so as we expand the range obviously that becomes a key focus.

What’s next?

We’re incredibly excited about what we have coming up later in the year.  A kids range in in the pipe line and we’re looking to expand our Hand Wash and Hand Milk range as well with some gorgeous new fragrances.  It is going to be busy but fun!

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