First there was K-Beauty now there’s A-Beauty. Three of Australia’s cult brands, frank body, Go-To and Sand & Sky have collaborated to bring you the limited edition A-Beauty Box.

From the sandy East Coast to the rain forests of the North, Australia is home to incredible natural environments. It makes sense that being surrounded by natural beauty has inspired a home-grown approach to beauty and skincare. From Vitamin C rich Kakadu Plum to AHA rich Finger Lime, native Australian ingredients are an important part of A-Beauty, but the most important part is how they make you feel.

I caught up with founders Sarah Hamilton, Sand & Sky; Zoe Foster-Blake, Go-To and Bree Johnson, frank body to discuss the evolution and A-Beauty and growth of our natural beauty market from humble beginnings to cult status.

Sarah Hamilton, Founder, Sand & Sky

Do you feel like Australia is leading the way in natural beauty?
Absolutely! Growing up in Australia it’s all about having glowing, healthy looking skin you get after spending a day at the beach, so it’s easy to see why Aussie beauty brands are creating a demand from customers around the globe who want to achieve that same glow with a simple skin care routine. We also have a plethora of amazing potent botanicals native to us. People are more and more cautious about what they put on their skin and we are delivering these clean ingredients to support our customers through their journey towards natural beauty.

How has the improvement in natural cosmetic ingredient technology assisted with this growth?
I think a general awareness of wellness, sustainability, environmental impact has driven these improvements.  The demand for products with ethically sourced, clean, effective ingredients has generated the need for better technology, resulting in pressure on brands to create products which maintain their potency.  When products work and are good for you and the environment, it makes sense that we’ve seen such a growth in A-Beauty. It’s not just a trend, it’s a lifestyle.

What do you think makes a brand gain cult status?
A great product!  One that is simple, effective that just works! If you can create something that feels luxurious but won’t break the bank and is instantly effective too you’re onto a winner.  No one wants to wait for results! You also need to have a great network of influencer support and be directly talking and listening to the consumer with impactful content on social media.

Zoe Foster-Blake, Founder, Go-To

Do you feel like Australia is leading the way in natural beauty?
It seems generous to say we’re leading, but Aussie beauty has always focused on simple, organic, green and natural products, stuff that is easy to use, and gets the job done – no BS.  This is happy timing given the global shift to clean, plant-based skin care. It helps that our native flora is riddled with astonishing fruits, nuts and plants; most A-beauty brands, including Go-To, use as many of these as possible because they’re genuinely best in class.

How has the improvement in natural cosmetic ingredient technology assisted with this growth?
Tremendously. We use the following in Go-To; Kakadu Plum, which is exploding with vitamin C, in fact, (it’s said to have more than any other fruit) Macadamia oil, which offers naturally occurring squalene, and is deeply hydrating, finger lime extract, which is incredible for brightening, and kiwifruit seed oil, which is soothing and anti-inflammatory. But we’re just nudging the tip of the iceberg, really: each new product we develop brings new ingredients and new surprises.

What do you think makes a brand gain cult status?
There are usually a few classic markers: scarcity or specialness, social media hype, founder profile, or the right celebrity endorsement, but it could also just be that the brand has a voice and a look that resonates with a particular tribe, so they adopt it and run with it, making it popular as they go. 
Since there is no barrier to entry for D2C companies, and YouTube/social media can make a brand or product famous overnight, a tiny brand can become very big, very quickly. And that story leads to more status, and more desire. And so it goes on

Bree Johnson, Co-Founder, frank body 

Do you feel like Australia is leading the way in natural beauty?
Absolutely. A-Beauty is all about uncomplicated skincare with effective, natural and native Australian ingredients. Our native ingredients are recognised globally for their benefits in skincare and ourselves along with other Australian beauty brands are being recognised as leaders in the natural skincare space. It’s great to see what we’ve been doing here in Australia for years taking off overseas.

How has the improvement in natural cosmetic ingredient technology assisted with this growth?
We’ve worked with our manufacturer for 6 years and even in that short time the changes to the industry and production processes have been significant. In the early years it was a constant battle to make our natural formulations as effective as the synthetic competitors. We’d re-formulate again and again. The process is still challenging but it’s definitely getting easier. Our team are constantly looking at different natural ingredients and how we can stay ahead of the trends when it comes to effective, natural products. 

What do you think makes a brand gain cult status?
Firstly having a product that does what it says it will do is paramount. Our OG Scrub gained cult status through peer to peer recommendations. Secondly bringing something new to the world. People are loving for brands that go deeper, stand for something and reflect their audience. 

The A-Beauty Box, priced at just $99.95AU/$69.95US, features Go-To’s Face Hero, Sand & Sky’s Australian Pink Clay Face Mask and frank body’s A-Beauty Coffee Scrub & Original Coffee Scrub.

With a laid back approach to skincare comes a laid back Aussie confidence; because when your skin is healthy, you don’t feel the need to hide it. The limited Edition A-Beauty Box is available at, and from June 18 2019.

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