Managing Your Skin in The Air

Air travel is stressful at the best of times, even on a dream holiday. You arrive at the airport all excited with your luggage, then you have to face the queue at check in and things seem to go south from there until you arrive at your destination exhausted, dehydrated and tired.

Arriving with glowing skin is even more of a physical challenge. But there are some excellent ways to protect your skin while in the air.

My first piece of advice is to purchase a travel size version of your skincare (if available) these smaller bottles are much easier to manage and less likely to leak in transit. Alternatively you can also seek out products that are especially designed for taking care of your skin while you travel. Cotarde is a capsule brand designed especially for flying. Their creams are designed to lock in hydration through energizing skin aquaporins (skin’s water channels) to give you a smooth flight proof radiant look while in the air.

Cleansers seem to be the most tricky products to travel with and most likely to leak. People often turn to face wipes while traveling, but they are not ideal. Your skin is never properly cleaned and they are often irritating. Carrying smaller travel friendly bottles of cleanser is more ideal. My favourite travel cleanser is Eminence Stone Crop Gel Cleanser. It’s gentle and hydrating on the skin while giving skin a proper clean. Plus the compact squeeze bottle makes it super easy to travel with.

If you’re determined to make the most of your time in the air another great option is to apply a hydrating face mask while in the air. This is perfect for longer international flights. Then the mask can be rinsed off and moisturizer applied before landing leaving you looking fresh. One of the best natural masks to leave on during a flight is Marie Veronique Micronutrient + Hydro Mask to profoundly re-hydrate skin, while optimizing functionality.

Finally, taking care of yourself during the flight is also important, getting some sleep, drinking enough water and not wearing makeup are crucial to arriving looking fresh. To give your skin the extra boost it needs, get a hydrating facial before you leave from your skin therapist. This will fortify and protect skin for the flight ahead.

Traveling the right way can greatly impact how smooth your journey is, and how refreshed you arrive at your destination. Happy flying!

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