Local band Sheppard have taken the world by storm with their catchy tunes.

I caught up with sisters Amy & Emma Sheppard to see how they cope with over night success and the pressure of travel on the road.

Your band Sheppard has had huge success here and overseas. What do you do to take care of yourselves while you’re touring?

Being on tour is not only mentally tough, but physically demanding as well. Amy and I find it quite hard to stick to our gym training sessions, because we are usually just too tired. We like to keep healthy by eating the right foods. We changed our rider to a variety of vegetable sticks and hummus for snacks and we also like to eat low sugar protein bars and shakes.

What’s your go-to meal when you feel like you need real nourishment?

We can’t go past a hearty salad.  We like to mix it up having either fish or chicken and adding different fresh ingredients to achieve variety; so each meal isn’t just like every other salad.

How do you take care of your skin after all that sweating and performing under stage makeup and lights?

It’s really important to take care of your skin while on the road, especially when you have to wear makeup almost every day. Each day and night we wash our faces with Kora Organic’s skin system. It’s always nice to know you’re not putting any extra nasties on your face.

What’s your favourite skin care product when your skin is just freaking out?

Thankfully we are really lucky that we have clear skin and don’t normally get break outs. However, when we DO get a breakout rather than picking at it, we apply pure Tea Tree Oil directly on the blemish.

Favourite mineral makeup when you’re off duty?

We like to use Napoleon Perdis advanced mineral makeup SPF15.

One product that you can’t live without.

Waxelene is a vaseline alternative, we use it as a lip balm and on our hands and feet as a moisturizer. You can even use it to remove makeup!

Thanks so much for being part of our summer edition!

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