Not only are superfoods essential for good health, they’re also essential for great skin.

Greens, Kombucha and herbs have powerful healing and antioxidant properties. All leading to clean, healthy plumped, young skin! Below are some of my favourites;



New MADARA Time Miracle Ultimate Facelift Day Cream (50ml) is what Madara call “your daily facelift”, to help improve the appearance of skin instantly and give long-term lifting, tightening and smoothing results. This potent natural day cream, is recommended for mature and sagging skin that has lost firmness. Supercharged with Madara’s proprietary CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX*, rejuvenating Northern Birch juice, wrinkle-filling hyaluronic acid and light-reflecting particles to soften imperfections, it reinforces the skin’s collagen matrix and softens facial contours for a smooth, sculpted, ‘facelift’ effect. Skin is left feeling soft, fresh, firm and rejuvenated.

CLINICAL RESULTS SHOW: Instantly – Fewer imperfections, less visible lines, smoother skin (1, 6); After 5 minutes – Immediate tightening effect on the collagen fibre network (2, 4); After 15 minutes – Lifted skin, less visible lines and wrinkles (3); After 1 hour– Reduced wrinkle depth (proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 26% within 1 hour) (4); After 2 weeks – Renewed skin, Increased dermal skin cell regeneration by 25% (5, 1).**

*To achieve superb skin smoothing effects Madara has developed a unique CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX. It is based on the Madara plant (Galium verum), which is a strong anti-oxidant, and other collagen rebuilding Northern plant actives. In a placebo-controlled clinical study, all 7 components (Sea Buckthorn, Red Clower, Madara, Blueberries, Lady’s Mantle, Horse chestnut, Horsetail) of the CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX were proved to reduce fine wrinkles in 93% of women who used the product. All herbs included in the CELL REPAIR BIO-COMPLEX are from Northern natural origin and organic farming.

**1: Soft focus agent data / 2: Seafill in vitro test / 3: Seafill clinical test, 17 volunteers age 50 to 65. Analysis of wrinkle depth using fringe projection / 4: Liftessence In vivo print analysis by profile measurements / 5: In vitro test birch juice / 6: Consumer report of 35 women, age 30 to 70, 4 weeks.

MADARA Organic Skincare have a holistic approach to the creation of their products, firmly believing that beauty goes beyond external appearances, for health, happiness and wellbeing. The beautiful range is crafted from organically certified natural extracts from plants growing in Northern Baltic regions. They strive for perfection through intensive scientific research and dermatological testing.

WELEDA – Skin Food


Skin Food is unique, deeply nourishing and intensely hydrating whole-body cream that restores and protects your skin. The award-winning formula is unchanged since 1926.

Ingredients are 100% natural and include extracts of organic chamomile, calendula and wild pansy to soothe rough skin. Revitalising rosemary will boost dull complexions. These calming extracts are gently blended with enriching sunflower, lanolin and sweet almond oils and waxes to provide a fine protective barrier against the ravages of wind and weather . Sweet orange and lavandulae pure essential oils are included in the refreshing fragrance.

Use on rough, dry skin anywhere on the body, face, hands, elbows, and knees. Skin Food is excellent for garden or hardworking hands.

Free from parabens, artificial preservatives, colours and fragrances. Skin Food is not tested on animals and is suitable for vegetarians.

emerginC Scientific Organics – Kombucha Cleanser


active ingredients: Kombucha, Grape Stem Cells, Algae Extract, Glycerin, Brightening Complex with Xylose and Galactose from Palmaria Palmata, Spirulina, Green Tea, White Tea, Aloe Vera, Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

A gentle, effective, deep cleanser for all skin types that helps remove environmental pollutants, excess oil and make-up without drying the skin.








Dive in to this emerald pot of Hawaiian goodness and discover mermaid magic. Made from the soil and nectar of Hawaii, this one product alone will purify, cleanse and soften your skin gently yet effectively.

The Mermaid Mask is a potent and nutrient dense ‘superfood’ face mask designed to feed your skin the nourishment that it needs to reveal a radiant and vibrant complexion. The deep, emerald color comes from two powerhouse superfood ingredients, organic chlorella and organic spirulina. We have found the most beautiful sources of these green beauties to create the Mermaid Mask with.

Our spirulina comes from a farm on the pristine coast of Hawaii that draws on the natural resources that surrounds it – abundant warm sunlight, pure deep ocean water and 100% fresh water drawn from a Hawaiian aquifer. The spirulina is grown in a bio secure zone and uses an ocean chill drying technique. We use the cleanest and most pure source of organic chlorella on the planet, which is grown in outdoor pools under the sunlight and contains cell walls that are “opened” or “cracked” using a specific process that preserves nutrients and increases absorption.

Discover why the Mermaid Mask is a cult favorite in the green beauty world.

Burt’s Bees New 100% Natural Lipsticks


Bee Pollen has been a favourite of wellness warriors for a while. Now you can put it on your lips!

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lipsticks offer luscious, bold colour, along with naturally moisturising ingredients for lips that feel loved.

With a smooth, satin finish and 14 versatile shades, Burt’s Bees Lipsticks soften and condition lips all day long, thanks to a natural formula featuring Beeswax, Moringa Oil and Raspberry Seed Oil. Bold color meets conditioning moisture – just one more reason to smile.

100% Natural:

  •  Moringa Oil
  •  Raspberry Seed Oil
  •  Beeswax
  •  Vitamin E


 Helps to hydrate dry lips leaving them feeling soft and smooth.

Available exclusively in selected David Jones stores throughout March 2016.



SEA CUCUMBER GELEE (Sea Vegetable Hydrator / All Skin Types)

Is the ultimate facial hydrator and nutrient infusion. This luscious, hydrating gel is like a green drink for the skin. ORGANIC ALOE VERA, CUCUMBER, HYALURONIC ACID and TAMARIND SEED EXTRACT flood the skin with intensive moisture and increase the skins hydration content. Vital-Greens such as KALE JUICE, BARLEY GRASS JUICE, WHEAT GRASS JUICE and potent regenerative sea vegetables such as KELP, DULSE AND NORI stimulate cellular turnover and promote hormone balance. Quench your skin with ultimate pure hydration.

Using SEA CUCUMBER GELEE is like getting a fresh juiced green drink for your skin. Organic Aloe Vera is combined with skin toning algae and nature’s most potent moisturizer, Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to bind more than ten times its weight in moisture. This highly effective combination gives you the finest all natural moisturizer to impart a dewy glow while it cools, soothes and hydrates the skin. The key to beautiful skin is hydration, hydration, and hydration!


  • intense hydration
  • neutralizes free radicals
  • plumps the skin
  • increases skin moisture retention

• KEY SUPERFOODS: Barley Grass Juice, Dandelion Leaf Juice, Kale Juice, Spirulina, Icelandic Kelp
• KEY CLINICAL ACTIVES: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Sea Kelp Bioferment
• SKIN TYPES: Excellent for all Skin Types

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