Switching off for our well being

I feel like as a society we are still trying to work out the work/life balance. There’s definitely a movement all for it, but as our world seems to keep moving at such a fast pace it’s very difficult to make balance a reality.

I’m totally guilty of this, today is my brothers wedding and I’ve shut the clinic, BUT I don’t really have to be anywhere til after lunch so I’m taking this opportunity to get some work done and write this blog. I also only really have a dedicated day off which is Sunday. I love my Sunday fundays! We like to get out and about, head down the coast, or into the city to see an exhibition or have lunch.

As I have a background in day spas, I really love the opportunity to get to a spa or wellness center. I love to sit in a sauna, get a body treatment or relax in hot springs. These treatments really leave you with a sense of well being that lasts longer than the treatment and really makes the following week bearable.

My favourite sauna is infrared; Sunlighten does a really great sauna that even has a skin setting. I’m a bit obsessed with it actually! Sauna is a perfect complement to other spa treatments or while you’re at a hot springs.

When I’m at a spa I like to experience different treatments. What I’ve found is 90% of the time people just ‘book a massage’. I’m sure if this is because they don’t know what else to book, habit or don’t even look at the spa menu. I strongly encourage you to book that body wrap, hammam treatment or any other version of massage like hot stone to try it out. It’s more interesting for you and the therapists.

Hot springs are the best way to spend an afternoon. Relaxing around in healing waters really sets you up for the following week. I get a real sense of well being in the quiet waters, especially since you can’t really take your phone in with you; it’s like a forced switch off. There are a few spots around Victoria like Peninsula Hot Springs (you can read my review here), and Hepburn Springs.

Spas are my jam and where I’m used to hanging out. But you should explore what you love doing, it could be hiking or going to wineries, any activity that helps you switch off is really healthy. So now I’d love to hear from you, what do you love doing in your down time?

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