We all have them- lines on a deeply furrowed brow, some fine lines developing under the eyes, or that unmistakable vertical line between the eyebrows.

There are many cosmetic options available for helping to minimise these lines, from creams to injections. But what if you wanted to explore deeper, and address the emotional and physical problems at the source of these lines?

Traditional Chinese face reading is over 5,000 years old and has been used as an integral part of Chinese medicine for centuries. This ancient art is not commonly practiced now days, but one acupuncturist Dr. Sheena Vaughan, is reviving this lost art and helping women to overcome premature ageing in her Melbourne practice.

‘Face reading provides women with an insight into the hidden meanings and emotions of the lines of their face. If you know what to look for, you will understand why you have certain deep, prominent lines, and gain insight into what emotional and physical changes you might need to make in order to soften these naturally and release hidden blockages.’ Explains Dr. Sheena.

Dr Sheena practices face reading and cosmetic acupuncture at her Moonee Ponds clinic, and over the years has found that there are certain patterns which most women tend to fall into when it comes to developing deep facial lines.

‘There tends to be three main areas that women struggle with the most.’ Says Sheena. ‘The first area is the brow and the lines in between the eyebrows. This area has a strong connection with the emotions of frustration and anger and tends to a show deep lines when we have repressed anger or resentment towards others.’

Sheena goes on to explain that this area is connected with the organ of the liver, in Chinese medicine, and can be linked suit to certain disharmonies such as premenstrual syndrome, overly tight muscles and issues with digestion.

‘The second key area that women struggle with the most is the area around the eyes, whether it be drooping eyelids or fine lines underneath the eyes.’ She continues. ‘Here we see a strong connection between adrenal fatigue and lack of sleep, plus unprocessed sadness and personal loss.’

The third main area that many women seek help for is the jowls or jawline area,’ She explains. ‘Issues with this area tend to be aggravated by weak muscles in their neck area, such as from sitting at a computer for long stretches or having issues with your thyroid gland.’

So how can these insights help us to minimise facial lines, and release some of these underlying issues? Dr. Sheena has a few key recommendations, which she has found useful for her clients.

‘Once you know what emotional blockages are holding you back, it’s easy to bring them to the surface and begin working on them.’ Sheena feels that discussing challenges and past traumas with a good friend, loved one or a qualified professional is a great place to start. ‘Talking is very therapeutic!’ She explains.

Dr. Sheena also recommends facial yoga to help soften and train facial muscles, just like in the gym. ‘Facial yoga is amazing- It goes a long way to re-train your facial muscles, and help you work through tightness and blockages. I often give my acupuncture clients exercises to take home.’

Lastly, Dr. Sheena recommends cosmetic acupuncture, which can help support and guide you through releasing hidden emotions. ‘Cosmetic acupuncture is perhaps the most comprehensive treatment available to help you with this transformation, as it works both on the internal body, and the skin’s surface.’ Sheena feels this option works best for those who may find it difficult to work through issues on their own.

To find out more about face reading visit the Qi Medicine website.

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