The New Natural Cosmeceutical

Skin Health Science, a new Australian cosmeceutical skincare line focused on simplicity and elegance using pure, potent and proven actives, has now launched nationwide.

The cosmeceutical brand debuts with a simple three-product range – Carbo Cleanser, RP Moisturiser and REM Serum – with each product containing evidence-based active ingredients at the correct strengths combined with scientifically-backed natural powerhouses such as Red Algae to support and regulate healthy skin.

Created by twin sisters Samantha Hair and Jessica Whalleyboth cosmetic nurses with extensive backgrounds in emergency medicine, Skin Health Science aims to simplify skincare regimes across the globe.

Working in their own aesthetic-focused practice, the nurses had become disillusioned by the unnecessarily complex array of skincare treatments on the market, many of which did not contain strong enough actives to create clinically significant results.

As a skin therapist myself, I often find in the corrective field clients often require two different serums then cleanser and moisturizer at the least. This can get expensive and frustrating for clients so I love this philosophy of simplicity with Skin Health Science.

How did you narrow down exactly which ingredients clients needed most in just one serum?

Samantha and I are completing our Masters: Nurse Practitioner and through this study we have extensively reviewed the literature for evidence based practice. It became evident that the strongest evidence was around Vitamin A, B, and C, with non-compliance an issue with the plethora of products available. In clinic we are faced with many skin concerns, and found that we could achieve more patient compliance if we could combine all the ingredients supported with the strongest evidence. We wanted these ingredients to be at the strongest supported levels to ensure maximum support to the skin. 

What were the main skin concerns you were seeing in your clinic?

Due to the complexities of the skin and skin conditions often involving systemic influences, a regular skin care routine is essential to achieve long term management. With long term use of products and systemic absorption, clients are looking for the most effective, but also safest to apply. Utilizing natural ingredients already within our bodies means there is less risk for allergy.  We often see pigmentary and congestive disorders, such as melasma and acne due to our prominent hot climate. These are often difficult to treat as there are often large systemic contributing factors, such as hormones, excess oil production and decreased cellular turnover blocking pores. The simplest affordable options, adaptable to patient’s busy lifestyles, means they will regularly attend to their skin needs.  

I feel like the natural beauty movement is always evolving and has now moved into this phase of ‘clean cosmeceuticals’ where you get the most active ingredients (sometimes synthetic) in an all-natural baselike with Skin Health Science.

Were you finding that your clients wanted those active ingredients still but in a completely natural formula?

Clean science has been the main request from our patients. Active ingredients supported by evidence based practice in the cleanest formulations possible. We see attitudes supporting protection of the skin but also the environment. 

A-Beauty is trending right now with a huge celebration of Australian ingredients and products.

What do you love most about Australian beauty?

Australian beauty promotes natural beauty. Our attitudes towards external beatification really empower the philosophy that “beauty is from the inside out”. Our laid back lifestyles really translate to Australian beauty in that we really want to look fresh. Simplistic expectations, with subtle enhancement but also an increase in drive for protect and repair.

Which ingredients suit Australian skin best with our harsh climate?

We like to take the approach that the skin needs support. We regulate with the vitamins the skin is unable to absorb from our daily diet by applying topically. The most supported vitamins are A, B and C. Our skin is great at healing however it needs support and by regulating the skin with the nutrition it needs, it is able to perform and repair quicker in harsh environmental changes. Vitamin A and there are many forms, with Retinaldehyde found it to be the least sensitive. This is the powerhouse of the skin, and a priority in a daily skin care routine. Vitamin B great for sensitive skin, and oil control also helps to reduce pigment. Vitamin C, is a powerful antioxidant and collagen promoter. All three inhibit pigmentation. With powerful diversity in each of these key vitamins, we recommend them to be the key in regulating your skin and any environments. There is one exception to this rule and that is people suffering congestion and the use of vitamin C L-asorbic acid is not always tolerated and some feel it increases congestion and oil of the skin. For these patients we recommend getting the benefits of alternative forms of C, like Kakadu plum, that provide antioxidant support but reduce the potential for exacerbating congestion.

I love how you’ve kept it simple with three products; do you have plans to expand the range?

We plan to incorporate a Vitamin B3 serum as an independent serum to support the skin during pregnancy as our REM serum and Carbo cleanser unfortunately not suited during this special time. Taking skin care back to basics and keeping simplicity as the key goal in daily skin care routines, is our priority. We want to support the skin in supporting us, and this really can be achieved with just a little extra nutrition. We do have a gentle cleanser (Vita Cleanse) and a night moisturizer (Barrier Complex) that will be a part of our range soon. This is to cater for those with everyday skins and pregnancy.

Where will the collection be available, in salons and skin clinics, big beauty retailers or online?

Our products are available online at Being registered nurses we wanted to be able to guide our clients and be available to them should they have any skin questions. This helps to ensure holistic healthcare delivery. At Skin Health Science we are very honest about our skin care advice and if there is a time a client has tried multiple avenues and relapse is occurring then sometimes a review by a dermatologist is essential. We wanted to be able to provide this education to everyone, as well as provide the advice to all our clients not just the patients we are seeing in clinic. We could achieve this by ensuring the products were available directly from us!

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