As a spiritual healer and coach I work with people all over the world.

It never ceases to amaze and inspire me how many people are ready to reflect, heal and transform themselves in order to let their true self and light shine through.

In this modern, fast paced, social media sharing life I am inspired by those who take the time to reflect on what is holding them back, face their fears and to find out what they don’t like about themselves. Many people are excited to explore what brings meaning and purpose into their lives by setting aside time for conscious reflective contemplation of the self.

This process takes courage as we face our fears, take responsibility and make time. Many of us can get caught up in the busy-ness of life and we put off the things that are most important to us and our own healing. When we take the path of healing and doing the inner work, fearlessly it can make us very vulnerable as we are confronted as our truth reflected back. It can make us want to run and hide and cover our ears.

Not doing the work can be the very thing blocking all that you deserve and desire. But the benefits over time when we surrender and allow the healing to reveal all that we need to know can be liberating. As we release fears, beliefs and thoughts of the negative variety that we have so faithfully held onto they no longer become our frame of reference when moving through our life. We get a new focus, a positive focus, an inner voice that is supportive and encouraging with an all loving dialogue. We change and so does our energy. As we heal our energy becomes lighter and loving. This energy is projected light that attracts toward it the same energy and thus our inner beauty shines forth. People truly see us and feel our energy which is our true beauty. You can be aesthetically magnificent but energetically heavy which can block your beauty from the world and all that you desire.

As you age the older your outer vessel, the body, becomes and does not to sustain its youthful aesthetic. However you can always rely on your inner love to project your true inner beauty and energy. All you need to do is to take the time to heal anything that hinders the light from shining. When people make time investing in going deep inside and doing the inner work of healing and transformation it allows the inner light of the soul to shine through. This can happen at any age.

Take for example the founder of the famous book publishing company Hay House, Louise Hay. She changed her life by changing her thinking. She healed from cancer and at 60 years of age started a brand new company.

As Coco Channel said “Beauty should begin in the heart otherwise cosmetics are useless. So my friends, go within, heal, shine your light and let your true beauty shine on for all eternity.