Every day we are constantly bombarded with new information, work/business deadlines, stress and responsibilities.

We live in a world where most of our days are filled with negativity, fear, depression, stress, tiredness and exhaustion, instead of feelings of positivity, hopefulness, aliveness and happiness. We live in a world where ‘juggling’ has now become a required skillset to survive and having a balanced lifestyle is a dream that seems far out of reach. We live in a world where ‘busyness’ is the norm while time for self care has become a luxury.

We constantly want more – bigger houses, nicer cars, bigger closets, more luxury holidays, more expensive schools, fancier toys for our children etc. Yet somehow, none of that ever becomes enough! In gaining those material things, we have developed a mentality of ‘Lack’ – lacking money, time, energy, health, love and happiness.

At what price are we willing to pay for such a lifestyle?

When do we stop being busy and start being ‘present’?

When do we say NO to others and start saying YES to ourselves?

When do we stop the excuses of ‘Not having enough time’ and instead, start making time?

I think it’s about time we rethink our priorities. Given that we are the core of everything that is going on around us (i.e. our job/career, financial situation, parenting, friendship, relationships, etc.), it makes sense to take care of ourselves in the process. If we crumble, everything else is affected (whether we like it or not!)

Self-care practice is necessary for our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Here are 7 simple tips to kick start your self-care rituals.


  1. Being more ‘present’ in your life

Breathe deeply, live more in ‘heart space’ and ‘in the moment’. Be grateful with what you currently have. Be more present in your conversations (Talk less, listen more) and in your relationships. I always believe that the biggest present you can give to your loved ones is your presence.


  1. Have time-out from the ‘noise’

Switch off the technology, have time out, get outside, surround yourself with nature, go for a walk, get a hobby, learn some new skills, hang out with friends, spend time with your loved ones, do things you enjoy etc.


  1. Pampering and indulging yourself

It’s perfectly OK to pamper and indulge yourself every now and then. Go for a massage, some pedicure or manicure, cuddle up on the couch with some good chocolate, a glass of wine and your favourite TV shows.


  1. Taking care of your daily-self

Be aware of how you treat your body, what you eat/drink, how regularly you exercise, how you manage stress. It’s not what you do every now and then but what you do daily that makes the big difference in the long term.


  1. Find your creative and fun outlet

I believe that every human being is creative at heart. Embrace that inner-child, have fun, giggle, dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening, do some drawings or creative writing etc.


  1. Healing your emotional wounds

Current emotional issues or past emotional baggage can take a big toll on your health and wellbeing. If there are areas in your life that are not working, make sure you resolve the issues instead of avoiding them. Learn to let go and free your mind from negative emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, anger etc.


  1. Loving yourself fully and wholeheartedly

It’s probably easier said than done. However, it does become easier with practice. Loving yourself means to accept yourself for who you are (with all your strengths and flaws, all of your successes as well as failures), to back yourself up, to have boundaries and standards on how others can treat you, to say YES to your goals and dreams, to free yourself from negative criticism etc.

We live in an era where lots of the energy and focus are external, no wonder we constantly feel drained and exhausted. We need to shift the energy internally, to focus more on own happiness and wellbeing. Remember, you need to ‘put on our oxygen mask’ first before you can help others.

For further information on how to develop a more loving relationship with yourself, go to www.honeymoonforever.com.au