There is nothing sexier than smooth, soft skin.

Scrubbing is officially a thing and there are so many different types, and ingredients you can take your pick or try them all! Click on our headings and pretty pictures to purchase. We got your back!


I’m a natural scrub made with organic beans and all natural ingredients. Whether you have4-2 sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin or skin that just can’t make up its mind, I will be perfect for you. I will cleanse your skin so it looks and feels its best . I will detoxify, restore radiance and bring suppleness to your skin leaving it hydrated, smooth and soft with a healthy glow. With an abundance of goodness in every pack I get tough on all skin conditions including dry and irritated skin, cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, acne, and psoriasis. You’re a babe blessed with great skin? I promise to brighten your skin tone, even out those tan lines and make you turn heads you stunner #iscrubwithkeen

Mung beans (Vigna Radiate) – This humble little bean is a rich source of nutrients which detoxifies and improves blood circulation. They help fight acne and reduce other skin symptoms such as skin rashes, cold sores, pimples and blemish spots. Mung beans contain phytoestrogens which aid in the production of collagen and elastin which improve skin tone. Also, mung beans are cooling in nature as they inhibit the protein (HMGB1) which reduces inflammation.

Soy beans (Glycine Max) – Soy beans contain Genistein, a natural plant-hormone which boosts the production of collagen and promotes the repair of elastin fibres giving skin its strength and elasticity. Soy beans improve skin firmness, diminishes wrinkles and reverses sun damage. Soy beans are also well known for its ability to even out skin tone, together with their softening and smoothing properties.
What other awesomeness is in keen?

Almond Oil – Almond oil locks in moisture and is rich in vitamin A, B and E which are all great for skin health. Almond oil also improves complexion and retains glow.

Pearl barley – Pearl barley soothes and brightens the skin. It is a natural source of Azelaic which reduces skin inflammation and prevents the development of clogged pores. Pearl barely is beneficial to skin especially in the treatment of rosacea and acne.

​keen also contains brown sugar and vitamin E which together heal, tone and relieve dry and irritated skin.


Everything you need to know:

Get Naked and get under the shower. You might like to go solo or maybe you’d like to invite a friend. Showering together is a grea way to save water,after all.

Get Dirty with enough scrub to cover your body. That could be two small handfuls, three large handfuls or the whole pack. It really depends on how dirty you want to get.

Get Rough with circular massage motions, focusing on problem areas. For best results leave your scrub to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Get Clean with a rinse. Oily/combination skin should use a light body wash or soap to remove excess


frank body_original coffee scrub

Introducing you to the humble coffee scrub that made frank body famous, packed with a special blend of natural ingredients which scrub away dry, flaky skin and target pesky skin conditions like cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, acne and scarring.

And that’s it. 200g of tough love, at $14.95 from





Smooth and relax with this luxurious blend of organic rose petals, cleansing pink clay, mineral rich sea salts and heavenly oils of rose, mandarin, lavender and patchouli. Suitable for all skin types.

organic pink rose petals, sea salts, Australian pink clay, rose maroc absolute, mandarin, lavender, vanilla, patchouli.


Green Detox – Sprouted Mineral Greens Detoxifying Sea Salt Body Scrub
Is formulated with Super Greens, Sea Vegetables, and exotic Sea Salts, which make this detoxifying scrub a powerful therapeutic tool to help the body release toxins from the skin and lymphatic system. Powerful detoxifiers like Wheatgrass, Dandelion, and Kale help skin facilitate enhanced circulation and activate the body’s natural detoxification process. Sea Salts help pull toxins from the skin. When using the detox scrub, pay special attention to the areas around the armpit and inner thigh to get maximum benefit from the detoxifying effects of the Sea Salts combined with the powerful super green botanicals.

This exfoliating, detoxifying and nourishing body scrub is formulated with rich African Shea, Cocoa, and Virgin Coconut Butters. These raw butters soften and leave the skin feeling hydrated, soft, and silky. Extra fine grain European Dead Sea Salts are used to create a gentle exfoliating polish that refines, smooths, and detoxifies the skin. Used regularly, this scrub will help to alleviate dry, rough skin and impart a luxurious silky texture and vibrant glow.


Voted the best Body Scrub by the readers of Allure Russia magazine taking out the Best of Beauty Award in 2014, 2015 and now Nature & Health Australia in 2016.Oblepikha Siberica Body Scrub perfectly cleanses and refreshes the skin, helping to preserve beauty and youth. Oblepikha Honey Body ScrubThe Altai Sea Buckthorn oil deeply nourishes, giving it comfort and softness while Buckwheat Honey increases the skins elasticity and firmness. This unique product base is formulated with Wild Harvested ingredients including extract of sage which has a general tonic effect, helps to eliminate toxins and leaves the skin soft and smooth.


Certified as Organic by the ICEA., Natura Siberica draws ethically and responsibly from the natural resources of Siberia, where the unique flora has stayed pristine despite extreme weather conditions. The herbs and flowers used in Natura Siberica products have been traditionally used by the local people of Siberia for countless generations in order to treat a variety of ailments and preserve a youthful appearance.



This gorgeous blend is a beautiful blend for those new to dry scrubbing, 100% natural and containing certified organic ingredients, your skin will thank you for this! Great for pregnancy too!

Each CUBA pack is a 220 gram bag, including instructions & scoop. 3-5 body scrubs per pack. Price includes postage within Australia. These come in a natural kraft pack.

vegan – yes
cruelty free – yes
natural 100% – yes
contains NO perfume or colour – yes
made in australia – yes
product contains nuts – yes
great for pregnancy – yes



Organic Day Spa in a Jar!

One handful in the bath or shower, Will Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturise 

Scrub over entire body in gentle circular motions. Rinse, Renew & Glow!

Containing unique nourishing ingredients hand sourced from kangaroo island.


Himalayan & Kangaroo Island Mineral Salt, Raw Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut, Organic Cinnamon.


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