Relaxation, sun, salt, sand, this has probably been your experience for the past week or so, hopefully for the next as well! Here are some tips to save your summer skin:

The warmer weather usually agrees with the skin, especially when there’s humidity in the air. During the heat your body looses more water from the inside out. Staying hydrated is a must; you can get added electrolytes from drinking coconut water, watermelon juice or a specially made supplement. Your skin will feel more hydrated with the sweat and humidity, but if you’re spending time in the water and using a water proof SPF, after a few days or weeks this can leave your skin stripped and dehydrated. Using a repairing serum will give you protection without feeling greasy in the warmer weather, using a lighter texture moisturiser will assist with any sweaty greasy feeling you may experience.

To assist with repair from the elements use nutrient dense, natural skin care full of antioxidants that will minimise any UV damage. A natural Vitamin C sourced from rosehip will especially help combat UV damage to prevent pre mature age related damage which leads to pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Now is the time to go easy on exfoliating. Use manual exfoliants and light tropical enzymes like pineapple to slough away build up of SPF and sweat on the skin, while not stripping the skin back too much so there is a natural layer of protection from the elements. Nourishing treatment masques and serums will give skin the added boost it needs to heal and replenish throughout the season. A zinc oxide based SPF will give your skin a physical protection barrier from the sun, and is the most natural option when you don’t need a water proof option while swimming.

Finally book in and see your local beauty therapist to give your skin an added boost and help to repair any sun damage from the sun. A vitamin infusion will go a long way in assisting the skin to heal and repair.

Glow all summer xo

Belinda Hughes

Editor of Natural Beauty Expert and a professional beauty therapist who is passionate about natural and organic beauty products. Belinda will help her followers navigate their way around what natural beauty is and the best way to get it. Expert advice combined with the hottest trends.

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