Bellabox goes toxic free with Natural Beauty Expert – find out what influenced the decision and how they’re at the forefront of meeting consumer demand.

What an amazing brand you have created.

Where did the idea for Bellabox come from?

We were inspired by Birchbox in the US and we particularly loved that women everywhere appreciate beauty, whether it is an amazing hand cream or the latest liquid eyeliner. We knew that women should be indulged on a monthly basis so with that we created this cute little box full of beauty products to trial and to fall in love with.

Have you always had a passion for cosmetics?

I love beauty like most women but I have no back ground in beauty so it has been a learning experience for me and we have amazing employees who are beauty experts.

How did you get the company started?

Lots of determination and a commitment to the idea of bellabox.

Was there a particular demand you saw in the market that you wanted to fill?

Beauty is constantly evolving and with the global financial crisis we saw beauty as a must have, an ability to splurge just a little bit of products that made you feel great.

I’ve noticed you have been featuring more natural brands recently, what has made you go in that direct? Consumer demand?

Consumer demand is a big part of featuring natural products, we listen to our members and they want to know more about what they are putting on their skin. They like to be in control!

I am thrilled to be part of your very first ‘toxic free’ limited edition box! What made you make the decision to try a completely toxic free box?

Again, consumer demand and a thirst for knowledge on beauty trends in this area plus the ability to work with you!

What are the strong trends in cosmetics that you are seeing?

Natural products, strobing (contouring based on where light fits your face) and cushion foundation

What is one thing you do for yourself every day for a bit of luxury?

Eat well, exercise and enjoy, a guilt free, glass of wine

What’s next for Bellabox?

We will keep listening to our members to understand how we can better the service and we are always open to new opportunities so please watch this space.

Thank you so much for your time. Natural Beauty Expert limited edition Bellabox will be available in July exclusively through the site before being available to Bellabox customers and public.

Only 500 available, order yours now!

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