My go-to tips for getting the most out of your skincare products.

If you’re anything like myself, and most women, you have a cabinet full of skincare that you use on rotation regularly, sometimes and on special occasions. Plus the couple of regret buys that sit at the back that we can’t let go of.


My number one rule for skincare is consistency. Sticking to your routine morning and night everyday is key to healthy skin. Clean, nourished skin is happy skin.  This includes not skipping cleansing in the morning because you’ve ‘just been asleep’. Sleep time is when our body and skin regenerate which can leave excess oil and debris on the surface of the skin that need to be cleaned away, especially bore makeup is applied. It will also make your makeup application smoother. Being consistent with your routine will get you the most out of your expensive skincare.

Weekly at home facials!

This is a ritual you can implement into your self-care as some weekly down time. Lazy Sunday afternoons is a perfect time to break out the ‘sometimes’ products and giving your self an exfoliation/mask combo.  Extra relaxation points if you do this while having a bath. Once out of the bath you can also smother yourself in beautiful body butter. Tempted yet?

Correct order

This now brings me to the point of, when are you actually supposed to apply product and in which order? Your daily routine should look like cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum, and moisturizer. You are welcome to plus or minus any products depending on time or personal preference. Finished with makeup and sunscreen in the mornings. In the evenings I encourage everyone to double cleanse (once to get said makeup and sunscreen off face) and once to clean your skin. I like to hack my routine in the evening by finishing with only eye cream and a night cream. The night creams I like to use have some kind of lactic or similar alpha hydroxy acid in them, so you’re getting a treatment while you sleep while only having to apply one cream. They’re a lazy girls dream.

Then on your #selfcaresunday routine you can add in an exfoliation followed by mask before you apply your leave on products, helping to glow all week.

Special occasion products

These are usually makeup-based products like primers and illuminators that most people only use when attending a function or special night out. My only advice here is to practice a little with contouring and highlighting before the big night to avoid makeup fax pas!

Happy product playing lovelies and don’t forget to use that awesome party mask you’ve been saving for a special occasion!

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