For a long while (in my younger years) I looked at the topic of self love from quite the bitter and cynical view point.

I think I got stuck at the often pretty shiny representation of it all. Self love from this cynical recollection was all hi fives and sunrises and gorgeous women with perfect smiles. And there was an awful lot of PINK!! which my young riot grrrrl persona really did not want a part of! I was busy wearing leopard print and faux fur and dating punk boys. The 1990’s I salute you! Now a whole lot older and hopefully a teeny bit wiser I have found a way to be in contact with my that very necessary self love and all the self care that comes with it whilst staying true to that fierce inner nature of mine!

It all comes with a little lesson in French and the derivation of the word courage.

This little gem is something that I share with all my clients and it is that the word courage is derived from the French word for heart.

To be in our hearts and to hear its whisper and to nourish and tend its desires we need to be brave; we need my loves, to have courage.

Courage is the spirit of the heart and like the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz sometimes we need to find it within ourselves to renew our trust in our hearts, when we have been shocked, frightened or lost and especially when we’re heartbroken.

Here are 5 ways to nourish your heart with or without the assistance of the object of your hearts desire, and maintain your fierce feminine spirit.

Rings on her fingers bells on her toes!

Whether it be intentional jewels on your wrists or gem stone rings wearing jewelry that was purchased or created with an intention has the effect of reminding us of that intention. Even if you know nothing about the ‘meaning’ of crystals, purchasing that rose quartz heart you keep on your bedside table can remind you to have gratitude when you wake up each day.

Your soaking in it!

Herbal teas and bath salts are two of my favourite ways to infuse love and nourish my heart. Rose tea, bath salts and rose water all nourish the heart chakra.

Dance it out baby!

Get your heart pumping to that song you have had stuck in your head all day. Even better sing it out loud when your stuck in traffic on your way home. (assuming your in the car!)

Soul food

with or without a partner the way to your heart may just be through your own stomach, and I can assure you that your heart is NOT asking to inhale that whole packet of m+ms . Romance yourself with that anitpasta platter at the end of a hard day. By all means keep it light and healthy with olives and greens and carrot sticks instead of crackers and cheese but nourish yourself in a way that speaks to your soul.

Self love and yep I just went there!

You’re a sensual magical woman and self love means being comfortable in your own body. (most of the time) The best way to be comfortable in your own skin is to truly know it. Tantric meditation or a Tigress Yoga class are my favourite methods of committing to self care.

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