Thank you so much for being our August cover for our luxury edition!

Thanks for featuring me.
You’ve taken the world by storm with your modeling appearing on the best covers including Vogue. Tell us about your health and fitness routine.
I eat as local as I can get, I also have my own veggie garden. I prefer supporting local farms and markets. The food just tastes better. I also love kickboxing and just generally a lot of sports.
I discovered Robyn Lawley eats, what a great guide to healthy eating. How did you get to write your own foodie blog?
I just really love food and cooking. I always grew up thinking and hoping I would be a chef but I ended writing my own cookbook about the countries food I had learned to love to cook. France, USA and Australia. All remarkably different. All countries dear to me. I still love to food blog but I also love gardening so I’ll include more of both. Food tastes so much better fresh and I love being able to include food from my vegetable garden.
When you think of luxury in terms of clean living what does it mean to you? 
I think clean water, I think solar, I think of local products rose and lavender and Aussie eucalyptus.
How do you manage to stay on track with your health when you’re traveling for work?
It definitely gets hard I just try to sleep when I can and I still have fun with my job. I exercise whenever I have the time or I try to schedule ahead. I do love training with trainers. I have a few all over the world. Penny Walsh and Jessica Dally-Butler in Australia and my kickboxing trainer Jason Zickerman in USA.
What does your beauty routine look like?
It varies as a model, I try a lot of new products. I definitely love sun screen moisturizers as I have so much less time so it’s great I get the protection. I also love SKII.
Do you have a favourite natural beauty product you can’t live without?
Definitely need my Dr Hauschka Rose Cream and Lavender Oil.
What is your recommendation for how can people bring a little luxury into their lives everyday through wellness?
I think essential oils are great and of course yoga and mediation are great relaxers.
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