Paula Nagel and Kathrine Baulderstone are women of a certain age who felt isolated by the mainstream cosmetics industry. So they started their own brand targeted to over 40s, Rageism which is raging against ageism. I thought the concept sounded amazing so I caught up with them to see how Rageism started.

I love the name! How did you come up with it?

We both dislike the beauty industry’s obsession with youth. We feel that older women are just as relevant and important,  and should be recognised and celebrated by the beauty industry in the same way the younger woman is. Our name is about rageing against the ageism that the mature woman is subject to very day, and celebrating the joys of getting older.

Have you both always had a passion for beauty and makeup?

Paula spent many years in television and has had the experience of being made up by many makeup artists. She has years and years of tips and tricks given to her by professionals.  As you can see by looking at her, she is always immaculate and beautiful and has always loved makeup and being made up.

 I have always really loved makeup and beauty but when I was younger, all I cared about was whether it was pretty. As I’ve got older, what I look for in makeup has shifted and so I have become as interested in what is in the makeup I’m wearing as much as how pretty it is.

Can you share one of your worst makeup experiences?

Paula has impeccable taste and style so really has never had a bad makeup experience, me on the other hand….well let’s just say that in the early 1990’s I spent a lot of money on the combination of bright blue eyeliner, eyeshadow and the amazing YSL limited edition electric blue mascara…enough said!

What was the final nail in the coffin that made you think, ‘right, I’m doing my own makeup line?

Paula had been on holidays with may parents (they are close friends) and they were all having lunch one day and she was complaining about the fact that she was sick of wasting money on makeup that didn’t work for her. She came home, thought about it more and more, and then approached me and suggested we start a line together that is specifically for older women.  As we both have different skill sets, we complemented each other and Rageism Beauty was born!

How is Rageism different to other makeup, and how does that difference suit mature skin?

We wanted a few things when we started the range. It had to be mineral based, Australian made and it had to look and feel amazing on older skin. We also wanted the majority of the range to be crème based because crème makeup works better on mature skin. It doesn’t crease and sit on the top of your fine lines like powders, and can be layered easily and seamlessly.

We spent nearly a year working with chemists and manufacturers finding formulations that worked. Paula was the “animal” we tested on and she kept sending back formulations until we were both happy with the result.

 Mature skin is less hydrated and elastic and often has a duller finish because we lose collagen and elastin with age. We have considered all of these factors and for example, have used illuminants in our foundation and primer and added moisturisers like pomegranate oil and seabuckthorn to hydrate and nourish the the skin when you wear your makeup.

Do you have a favourite product?

Paula’s favourite product is the Illuminating Primer and mine is the All Day Foundation. They both work together to provide excellent coverage while also giving mature skin the dewiness and glow we all love and nourishing the skin at the same time!

What’s your one big makeup tip for women over 40?

Paula’s big tip is to always wear a primer and wear makeup every day to both look great and protect your complexion. Our makeup, being mineral based has natural sun protection and wearing it everyday, truly does protect your skin.

My big tip is change up your makeup to suit your changing skin. Many of us are in a “makeup rut” and just keep doing the same thing. Look for products that work for you and try new looks.  Try a red lip for a night out for example – see how it makes you feel and have fun with it. We only get better with age.

Where can we buy Rageism?

We are available on-line at

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