Even though we may not fully know all the details currently, we can come to a pretty obvious conclusion that exercise is good for our health.

But surprisingly there is 1 aspect of exercise that has actually been proven, multiple times, to help improve your longevity.

One study consisted of 8,762 participants and they were studied over an 18.9 year time span which results found that “strong statistical evidence existed of an interaction between muscular strength and age in predicting death from all causes and cancer.”

So technically the study found that the stronger you are, the more you can actually prevent normal causes of death from aging and cancer. This is huge! What steps are you taken to prevent your chances of death and cancer.

It seems that most people just go through life without giving it a second thought. But the more we research and study, we can prove that we can take preventive measures to ensure we live happier and healthier and now for longer.

But maybe discussing death is too drastic. Let’s talk about simply wanting to tone your body, lift some sagging areas and just lose some excess weight. The Mayo Clinic, one of the largest non-profit medical practice and research groups, calls strength training to the rescue if you, “want to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently.”

Essentially, they conclude that as we age we lose lean muscle mass and strength training helps you preserve that. Furthermore, it will help you build stronger bones, increase your metabolism and allow you to manage chronic conditions like arthritis, pain, obesity and depression better.
So what is going on here? Is strength training the “end all, be all” when it comes to exercising?

With this research you can certainly come to that conclusion, but as with everything in life the goal is having a balance.

Make sure you are working on your cardiovascular health as well as being mindful of your current eating and sleeping habits. They all play very important roles in not just your outside looks but also in all the functions happening inside your body too.

Bottom line, if you are not strengthening your body you are missing out on a lot of really positive health benefits. Dedicate what you can to it when you can. Give yourself 10 minutes 3-4 times a week or if you already exercise during the week, try incorporating 2 days of just strength training exercises instead of doing your normal routine again.

You will break any weight plateau you currently have, you will drop sizes in the clothes you wear and it will help you live your life longer and even more importantly, stay strong enough to get around and still enjoy it as you age.

Remember, it is NEVER too late to start–even those over the age of 60 are “recommended to do strength training 3-4 times weekly.” So start today!

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