Self-care is a phrase used as frequently as people instagram their breakfast.

It seems to me it has fast become the ultimate badge of honour to proudly displaying to the world that you have earnt the right to feel guilt-free as you curl up on the couch for a House of Cards marathon.

My own journey to ensure self-care wasn’t just a buzzword in my daily life but instead something I made a priority, began after I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and knew I had to do something to ensure I was honouring that I deserved to take care of myself every day.

Of course, when life is stomping its foot demanding every ounce of your being, it can become difficult to keep the commitment and do something just for you. So what are the sure fire ways I ensure are around me to create calm, re centre and truly refill our own cup?


I’m a big believer in setting rituals and making sure I commit to them – even during busier times. They’re rarely grand gestures and often as simple as a cup of tea, a magnesium bath, taking the time to give myself an at-home facial (cleanse, compress and moisturise) or arrive at my Bulimba studio 45mins earlier for an infrared sauna. I find they’re actually a multi-purpose act of self-care because while in the sauna you can meditate and really walk out entered and calm.


This is one that I’ve learnt is such an integral part to my own wellbeing but often one we find the hardest to implement. Knowing that there are a handful of people in my immediate circle that I can ask directly for help without question makes and there’s a net to catch you in the hardest times is a huge comfort.


Having strong personal values is what I find makes incorporating an act of self-care as part of my everyday a non-negotiable. My initial recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome meant cutting back to a very simple existence to build my energy levels back up. Recovery is always an ongoing balance to ensure I’m being mindful in all that I do.

I think it is so important to check-in and always make sure everything you’re doing is taking you where you want to go – both in business and your personal life. I’ve had to become quite strict to look at every request for my time. Sometimes saying no to extra activities with friends and making decision on what is truly important is hard but true friends understand and will support you.

Another important value for me is making sure I am in bed by 9pm – it’s vital for maintaining my energy levels and there’s very little that will get in the way of making sure I stick to this! I know I need at least 7 hours quality sleep to be my best self for me, my partner, family, friends and my clients. In more hectic times, I love natural supplements like valerian and adrenal support herbs to maintain my sleep patterns.


Recently, I was looking at what else I could cut to ensure I was taking the best care of myself and found that caffeine and mindlessly scrolling Facebook were two key things that weren’t supporting me in a good way. Coffee was making me feel sick and the time I spent mindlessly scrolling Facebook was taking away from spending time with loved ones, doing things that I loved or even working on building my business. I’ve noticed such a positive difference and clearing of mental clutter!


So simple but the true connection from a hug from a friend or loved one can be such a restorative thing. I make a big effort to only surround myself with people who light me up, support me and cherish the time I can spend with them. And a good belly laugh will always do the world of good, too!

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to self-care. It will look different for everyone and while the above works for me, what works for you will depend on your own values and may even change as you travel on your own journey.

What are your go-to self-care activities?

Natalie Sellars

For 16 years, Natalie Sellars has honed her craft as a skincare doyenne, having worked and managed leading spas in Australia and New Zealand. For the last three years, Natalie has honored her dedication to and belief in living toxin-free, working to create a salon experience that promotes kind beauty. She now uses only the very best organic & toxin free skin care in each salon ritual. Her “no BS” approach makes her a trusted practitioner genuinely interested in the wellbeing of her clients.

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