The School of Infinite Learning was conceived by wellness coaches Lynda Holt and Christopher Hardy.

A place where students could have access to courses that would instil confidence, enhance communication and develop a foundational setting for change.

No one knows how to overcome the challenges life throws at you more than Lynda Holt. Wheelchair bound since birth, Lynda has won silver medals in both shot put and discus at the Sydney 2000 Paralympics and understands how self-doubt, lack of confidence and fear can inhibit a person from reaching their full potential. By becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP trainer, Lynda found she could teach the community invaluable life skills.

Living, embracing and experiencing ones potential has always been a mantra in Christopher Hardy’s life. He served in the US Navy during the Persian Gulf War on a hospital ship, working to provide essential medical and mental support to injured personnel on a daily basis. Upon his relocation to Australia, Chris studied Naturopathy until he felt he could offer more to the public by providing impactful personal development courses that would create meaningful change.

The School of Infinite Learning offers personal development courses such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), mBIT, Matrix Therapies and Life Coaching.

What is NLP?

From the moment we are born, we are unconsciously learning “programs” or “strategies”. Breathing, walking, and talking – they are all programs or strategies we learn automatically through our various senses: smell, taste, hearing, sight and recall.

Every now and then, one of these programs or strategies is learnt incorrectly or is no longer of any use to us or simply unhelpful.

NLP essentially re-programs unhelpful behaviour and replaces it with positive behaviour

So how can NLP help you?

The School of Infinite Learning offers convenient 7-Day intensive courses, which focus on providing strategies to their clients that will change and enhance their physical and mental health.  The Schools premier product is the NLP Practitioner Training course, which provides the learner with a full international accreditation where the participant may choose to practice their skills by seeing clients in a professional setting or for their own personal use.

NLP has gradually become the go-to modality as of recent due to the widely successful strategies and programs that have been on offer and available to the public.  Many celebrities such as Oprah, Tony Robbins and James Brand in addition to health professionals such as psychologist through to teachers and life coaches have benefited from the teachings.

Neuro Linguistic Programming can simply be defined as the study of our thinking, language and physiology and how these aspects combine to create our experience of life.  The benefits of NLP go far beyond just enhancing your communication skills. Its effects play an instrumental role in ones mental and physical health!

NLP is used to collapse mental blocks, limiting beliefs and replace bad behaviours with positive practices.  Just implementing these tactics alone would play a huge role in improving anyone’s wellness.  We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy outlook and mental state can be beneficial to your health. We are bombarded with both positive and negative influences, which can either promote or have an ill effect on your health. By using the art of re-framing NLP expands your mind so that you can change any negative situation into a positive.

Take yourself to a whole new level, integrating both mind and body to give you the winning edge!

  • Learn how our mind processes thoughts and actions through our VAK Ad system (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Auditory Digital).
  • How to Build Rapport with people in the workplace and build better personal and working relationships.
  • Learn how to release negative thoughts or change your limiting beliefs.
  • How to integrate two conflicting parts of your life through parts integration.
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Overcoming phobias
  • Learn how changing your language by understanding how “Cause & Effect” can change any situation
  • Anchoring is a skill you will develop that many Speakers and Athletes use to bring calm to any situation
  • And more……

By introducing NLP techniques, you can relearn your behaviour using all of your senses – smell, taste, hearing and sight – and visualise another outcome

For Example:

Various Health Problems
Weight loss
Quitting Smoking
Low Self Esteem
Limiting Beliefs
And more….

NLP provides you with the essential resources to make the mind and body connection.

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