Nexba’s Super-Infusions range is Australia’s first zero-sugar natural ice tea.

Available in three flavours – Acai Berry, Pomegranate and Ginger, Super Infusions boasts zero sugar and only 17.2 calories per 500ml bottle.
It uses Erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol (although it doesn’t contain the stuff that gets you drunk!). Erythritol is a natural sugar substitute that tastes like sugar – in fact, no other natural sweetener can match it – but it also has significantly less calories. In addition to giving you a calorie break, it makes for a good substitute because it does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels. It also doesn’t cause tooth decay.
Erythritol will help cut down on the overdose of sugar many are currently getting from popular foods and beverages. According to the Obesity Coalition, one in four children and 63 per cent of adults are overweight or obese, with sugary drinks a major contributor. But these figures are not surprising when you consider that a mere 600ml bottle of sugar-sweetened drink contains up to 16 teaspoons of sugar.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently reported that 422 million people are now living with diabetes. With Type 2 diabetes representing up to 90% of all diabetes cases, it is clear that our sweet tooth needs to be pulled. And Nexba wants to do its part to help. 
That’s why we are calling on the Australian government to implement a ‘sugar tax’. Governments around the world have turned to fiscal measures to combat the rising cost of healthcare and growing rates of obesity and diabetes. The UK recently became the latest to announce a sugar tax, joining South Africa, Mexico, US, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, France and Hungary in imposing levies on sugar-sweetened beverages.
By taxing sugar beverages, we can commercially incentivise the big beverage giants to make ‘better-for-you’ product changes and ensure there are healthy alternatives to sugar sodas, teas and sports drinks that currently dominate the retail shelf space.  
While we may not have the massive advertising budgets of the likes of Coca Cola and Pepsi, we refuse to acknowledge a ‘might is right’ approach to our health. Australia faces a sugar crisis and we need legislation that gives our country a legitimate opportunity to make better, more informed health choices. 
– Troy Douglas, Cofounder of Nexba.
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I caught up with co-founder Troy to find out more:

Tell me a bit about how your passion for health and wellness started and ultimately leading to a drink company?

I was raised in an active family and community, so living well and keeping fit has been something that is important in my life. It was simple to jump into a drinks company because consumers need niche brands to keep multinationals honest. Our vision is to transform peoples lives by being the Naturally Better-For-You beverage brand.

Personally, after visiting Australian Indigenous communities and hearing from people working in healthcare, I have realised that there is a legitimate sugar crisis here. Parents and children across Australia often opt for sugar-laced soft drinks over healthily options such as water but that’s often influenced by the options most available and convenient for them as well as a lack of awareness of the impact this sugar has on health.

What made you want to create an alternative to traditional sugar laden soft drinks and ice teas instead of say, cold pressed juice instead, which has been a popular alternative choice?

We consider ourselves to be beverage innovators and while Ice Tea is where we started, the Nexba brand is moving into other popular categories.

My cofounder Drew Bilbe and I are passionate about Nexba being an Australian brand that is known for being “naturally better-for-you”. Our strategy has been to start in Ice Tea, which is a smaller product category, in order to position ourselves to enter larger categories, like we’re doing with our Super Infusions range, which is a naturally sugar free functional water.

Running a company gets crazy busy, what do you do to take time out for your own health and wellness?

I make it mandatory to exercise. When I’m on top of my training, I can focus more and perform more efficiently at work. Nothing beats a swim at Icebergs or running over the Harbour Bridge to our office in North Sydney. I also have a great personal trainer who keep me accountable.

I know you’re a guy, but do you do anything to look after your skin, and do you use a natural product?

Absolutely, my mum was a beautician. (She looks like she isn’t aging anymore!) So I’m happy she has had me on Environ for years, which has lots of Vitamin A and good natural things.

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