We hear all the time about eating healthy and exercising to keep our bodies in good working order.

We are bombarded with advertisements for skin care, and beauty products to have us looking our best on the outside. But are we taking care of ourselves where it matters most? Our emotions, the way we THINK and FEEL can override and cause havoc with everything else in our life. And even if we are eating and exercising and doing everything the experts say for a healthy life, if we ignore our emotional needs our physical health may suffer too.

So today I want to give you an emotional check-up. I want to help you to understand how we can get weighed down by emotions, how we can be weighed down and not even know it.

Firstly I want you to write down all the emotions that you feel right now. Just close your eyes and see what comes to you. Think about if there is something you feel is holding you stuck, anything causing unhappiness, something that other people make you feel. Whatever you feel, write it down, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else but you.

For example, hurt, hate, anger, doubt, frustration, not good enough, fear, grief, depression, stressed, resentment, regret, guilt, unworthy, unappreciated, used, alone, disconnected, low self-esteem, failure, pissed off!!!

Next, we are going to rate these emotions on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 being – “feeling pretty good most of the time”, and 10 being – “I cannot go on”.

OK now we are going to see how these emotions, or emotional baggage, can weigh us down. I want you to imagine that each of your emotions is a piece of clothing of some sort, and for this exercise, emotions rated 1 are like a light summer cardi, and they get heavier, the higher the rating, so emotions rated 10 are like a big heavy wool coat that you need to wear on a frosty -4 morning.

NOW, what size backpack do you need to fit all your different size clothing? Is it a small school size bag, or a medium rucksack, or one like Reece Witherspoon had in the movie WILD? (Have you seen it? Her emotional baggage matched her physical rucksack. Worth watching)
This rucksack was as tall as she was, and when full, she would have to lie down on the bag and strap herself in. Then she would roll over and it took every bit of strength she had to lift herself up. It took a lot of effort for her to be able to get up off the floor. Does this sound like you feel? Is your baggage so heavy that you wonder how you are going to get out of bed and get through the day?

The thing is that no matter what size the baggage is, you are carrying it around with you all day, every day, and that influences every conversation and interaction you have. Whether it’s with your kids, at work or when you get into bed with your partner at night, all your energy, words and feelings are coloured or tainted by how you feel about you!

Creatrix® is a world first process that has been designed by a woman specifically for the way our brain works. Just like you cannot get an android app to work on an iPhone, women need something specific for our software.

What Creatrix® does is to help you empty your luggage, whatever the size. And you will not just be putting the clothes back in the wardrobe, NO!!
You will not be able to get them back out in a day, a week or year to wear again, NO!
Your baggage is gone from your life, totally and completely, easily and painlessly!! Imagine how your life would look, feel and be different, FREE of any and all emotional baggage!!

I am a Woman’s Breakthrough Transformologist® and Creatrix® Facilitator, licenced with the Institute of Women International. I was, not that long ago, a woman with a very large rucksack full of emotional baggage, doing the best I could just to get through each day. I was existing, instead of living my life… I searched for years for the something that would turn my life around. AND I FOUND IT!!

I wanted more! I wanted to be more, to feel more, do more with my life and in turn give more. I wanted to feel better, and to simply be happy.

Now I work women who are also READY to change their lives! Women who want more in their life, who want to feel better, accomplish more, and live a life without limitations.

If you are ready and think this is you, I would love to hear from you.

Maria xx

[email protected]


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