What was the motivation for starting a skin care company?

In David’s early work as a Naturopath and Herbalist his approach to skin problems including sun damage and early ageing was to treat skin with nutrients, the way Nature intended.

Then this happened: https://simplicite.com.au/pages/about

Saving a TV news presenter’s skin

In the late 1980s Naturopath David met the then top TV newsreader and journalist Robin when he literally saved her skin. David prescribed Robin an early clinic version of the top selling Simplicité product Damask Rose Day Creme. Overnight, patches of red sensitive skin on Robin’s face that had troubled her for months were gone. David says, “She’d initially stripped and dried out her skin by long term use of harsh skin care products. And then the problem kept getting worse – until she came to see me as a patient. When she used my cream instead of the steroid that had been prescribed the problem disappeared almost immediately”.

David and Robin hit it off and married a few years later. By then they were making their nutrient-rich Simplicité products, just for themselves initially. But as others discovered the results the products gave, word spread. Soon Simplicité was sold in department stores and beauty therapists were giving Simplicité treatments.

Robin and David are now in their early 60s; both have the glowing, clear skin that is typical of their customers’ results and exemplifies their promise of ‘magnificent skin at any age’.

What is the skin care philosophy of Simplicite?

Simplicité’s results driven products rejuvenate skin with fresh medicinal grade herbs and flowers, the purest aromatherapy essences and Australian bush-flowers. 

1. We pursue results. To achieve those we make our own fresh plant extracts of the highest activity. Even organic quality isn’t active enough for us. We use medicinal grade plants.

2. The plant extracts that Simplicité makes are proven in published scientific studies to inhibit the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin – no wonder that for 26 years our customers have experienced a younger looking, more vital tone to their skin.

3. Simplicité Heritage Flora farm

We gather some of our wild grown herbal ingredients from the 100 acre Simplicité Heritage Flora farm at the western end of the Scenic Rim in South East Queensland. Over the last 16 years this extraordinary land has been returned to ‘original nature’ flora of Melaleucas, Bottle-brush, Red Cedar, She Oaks and Cypress. It now reflects the adjoining World Heritage listed, ancient Gondwana rainforest.  

In this spectacular environment plants develop in the way Nature intended: slow growth, in a soil type that’s ideal for that plant and in a climate that Nature chose. So as not to disturb Nature’s quiet and perfect work we do not use typical row on row farming techniques. 

Our passion for this breath-taking, natural beauty of steep escarpments and mountainous terrain inspires us to create skin care products that give you a truly luminous skin.

Using the products I’ve noticed a real softening and hydration of my skin, can you tell us more about the use of oils and herbs and effect they have on treating skin?

The key to our amazing reputation for results is providing fresh nutrients, active herbal compounds, and hydrating fatty acids to the skin in a bioavailable form.

 For people with oily acne skin, using face oil might feel counter intuitive, how does the sage oil help with acne?

Fine plant oils solubilise your own sebum – doing this keeps it ‘moving’ out of the skin. Fine textured, non-hydrogenated plant oils can never congest or block the skin.

The Nutritive Body Lotion is your hero product, perfect for chemo patients, people with sensitive skin conditions like eczema and burns. What’s the key to making such a restorative product?

We avoid petroleum based emulsifiers, we don’t use titanum dioxide or zinc oxide in our nutritive moisturisers. Fresh Aloe juice is one of the most healing extracts to apply to stressed skin and as with all of our extracts and products this is ‘potentiated’ with other active plants such as cocoa butter, evening primrose, avocado, and carrot.

What’s the skin condition you get most enquiries about?

Sun damage (Aussie climate has a lot to answer for) early ageing and acne (teens and adult).

Are there any particular trends that you are seeing with skin – for example, are there lots of sensitivities from overuse of exfoliating products or lasers?

We’ve been able to give better outcomes for clients who are using acid peels, AHA products (and the like) by supporting the skin in its healing, restorative processes. Our serum concentrates are key to this approach.

Our nutritive exfoliators are gentle enough to use every day and doing this gives the best results for all skin concerns.

What does your daily routine look like?

I have been an enthusiastic user for 26+ years and  love how my skin looks at 60 years old.
I use the Basic Six products (what’s in the Trial Packs) including the Alba White Day Moisturiser every day)  and Intensive products including the Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner, Serum Concentrates and Results Lift Gel.

Do you have a favourite product?

It’s difficult to select a favourite as they all feel and smell so wonderful to use – if I have to choose just one I’ll say Lemon Night Creme as even after 26 years of using this I have a mini swoon when applying it as its subtle aroma is so divine. (We don’t add any sort of fragrance to any product – the herbs and flowers used in each are what gives them their own special scent.)

The Rosehip and Lavender Complexion Refiner has been my absolute miracle worker for looking 10ish years younger than my calendar age.

And the Antioxidant Plant Serum has ensured, along with the rest of the range, that I have never had anything cut out of my face – this, even though I am the generation that grew up without sunscreen and I spent my early childhood in outback Qld, later, living right by the beach.

The Lemon Myrtle Alginate Mask (below) gives incredible results for anti-ageing – I can’t wait for it to be available again!

Is there anything new happening for Simplicite?

Lemon Myrtle Alginate Mask is about to be released again after many months of being unavailable. We have resourced the most active plants we can get. Lemon Myrtle is the highest known source of plant citral which is the subject of published research into its action on inhibiting skin cancer cells when just a few cells in diameter. Its effect on sun damage is also extraordinary.

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