A gym I attend held its annual competition, I commented on how great Sarah* was looking after obvious weight loss. Sarah rejected the well earned compliment and slapped me one in return:

“not much as what I’d like, I’m not naturally thin like you, I have to work at it

Did she not see me at the gym 4 times a week sweating it out? I saw her, we were in the same classes. It got me thinking what else she was not seeing. She didn’t see me hobbling with sore muscles after squating 30kg in my PT session; she didn’t see me years earlier depressed and 10kg heavier; she didn’t see the laser focus and conviction I had to built within myself to lose it all and keep it off everyday.

Sarah had chosen to believe I was one of the lucky ones who is ‘naturally thin’, putting no effort into maintain my body and probably thought I lived in a fairytale castle too!

There is nothing natural about what you must do to become thin when you are overweight. There are many mountains to climb and obstacles such as genetics, lifestyle, gut health, stress, illness, pessimistic attitude and other peoples opinions.

Oh where to start. I’d like to say I have the silver bullet, the magic carpet ride but I don’t, just a few tools that make it a little easier and some suggestions that have worked for me and my clients. It is not a natural process in the beginning but with time and repetition can become natural to you.

  1. Start with a little inspiration.

Daydreaming about what life could be like is the best place to start: what you want to look like, fitness level, activities you want to do, clothes you want to wear etc. There is no right or wrong here just a bit of fun. When you engage in a creative process like this it calms and relaxes so you end up generating so many more ideas and options than an analytical process.

  1. Build your motivation

When you relax and allow your subconscious desires to surface, you may come to understand why exactly you want buns of steel or arms like Michelle Bridges. Pick out the ideas that are inspiring, standing out as something special you and want to achieve. This will become your mojo when things get tough. The motivation to persevere is the single most essential key to successful weight loss.

3. Start

After you have your inspiring vision and motivation to see it come to fruition, its time to set the wheels in motion. Visualisation and mindset techniques will only take you so far and for weight loss to occur you need to do something different, many things different. When clients see me for weight loss therapy there is always an action plan that follows. If not followed, the whole experience merely becomes a form of relaxing entertainment. Define what you are going to commit to doing something that brings you closer to your vision every day. This is where the kittens are separated from the lions.

  1. Immersion

Make your vision your number one priority for the next 30 days and build your day around it. Sure at first it may be awkward or un-natural while you are doing the steps and cementing a new routine but just know this is the process for long term success. There are many tools available to keep you reminded of what your focus is and the end goal. Hypnotic suggestion either through therapy or audio recording can be extremely effective in implanting what you want your subconscious to take on board. It has the added benefits of lowering heart rate, mind chatter and concentrating focus. Some of which are listed here:

Free Weight Loss Meditation download

Visualisation- The Gabriel Method

Weight loss Hypnotherapy

Deepak Chopra meditation

  1.  Connect with a buddy, program or membership for accountability – when someone else knows about what you want to achieve the thought of disappointing them can be the difference between going to the gym or not. It could there be a gym challenge you could join, walking group at work, a professional you see for accountability. Apps such as Weight Snap tract your progress and involve taking a photo of all your meals and snacks.