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There are various natural beauty alternatives that reduce your intake of toxins and support a healthier environment.

From clay masks to shampoo, it is easy to find a natural remedy that provides a healthier alternative to chemical produced products.

Teeth whitening is a popular beauty treatment offered through various methods which can be costly and contain harmful ingredients. Activated charcoal, calcium bentonite clay and coconut oil are three common teeth whitening ingredients that offer a natural alternative to the chemical produced products. The ingredients have been used for centuries and are highly effective in providing complete oral care.

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is a highly absorbent and porous substance commonly made from wood, peat, bamboo, and coconut materials. Regularly used in hospitals for poison control, when ingested it binds to chemicals and toxins in the body and flushes them out. The activated charcoal made for ingesting is commonly made from coconut. To produce activated charcoal, the substance is heated to high temperatures and treated with oxygen to produce highly absorbent pores in the substance. When used for oral care, the activated charcoal absorbs the stains, bacteria and toxins on your teeth, and restores the pH balance in your mouth.

Calcium bentonite clay

Calcium bentonite clay is a natural volcanic ash sediment rich in essential minerals including calcium, magnesium and silica. Like activated charcoal, calcium bentonite clay is a highly porous substance that detoxes and restores the pH balance in the mouth. When combined with water, the substance expands which changes the electrical and molecular components causing the substance to absorb toxins and impurities from the mouth. Calcium bentonite clay improves dental hygiene and re-mineralises enamel, lifting the toxins right out of gums and teeth through a process known as ‘adsorption.’

Coconut oil

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian folk remedy that supports overall oral care and whitens teeth. It works by binding to the harmful bacteria in the mouth that creates biofilm which the bacteria use to stick to – commonly known as plaque. A thick layer of plaque stuck on the surface of your teeth can cause various oral health problems. Oil pulling removes the bacteria in your mouth by adhering to it, absorbing and dissolving it.

My Magic Mud Toothpaste

My Magic Mud Toothpaste is a gentle way to clean your month and whiten your teeth. It combines all three methods of natural oral care in a convenient and easy to use toothpaste. The toothpaste is free from synthetic chemicals and foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulphate, and is made from simple and raw ingredients. I use the toothpaste twice a day as recommended and have seen a noticeable difference in my overall oral health.

If you are not familiar with using natural toothpaste, brushing with My Magic Mud Toothpaste might take some time to get used to. It doesn’t contain foaming agents therefore it won’t foam up like regular toothpaste. It is the first toothpaste developed that combines activated coconut shell charcoal, calcium bentonite clay and coconut oil in an easy to use tube. The natural ingredients in My Magic Mud Toothpaste support overall oral health care and whiten teeth.

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