This summer I have struggled with sun protection, I have managed to get badly sunburnt twice, then I got a rash from the conventional sunscreen I was using.

It hasn’t been a good summer to say the least, so I was so happy to receive the Natural Instinct Tinted Face Natural Sunscreen and the Natural Instinct Invisible Sunscreen.  It’s really important to me that my skincare (Including make-up and sunscreen) are as clean and nontoxic as possible.  I spend a lot of time outdoors and I love the sun so finding the perfect sunscreen was becoming my summer mission.


I have been using the Natural Instinct Body wash for years and never had any problems with it so, I knew I could trust the Sunscreens. Both the Invisible sunscreen and Tinted Face sunscreen are SPF 30, UVA and UVB Broad Spectrum protection and  are up to 3 hours water resistant. Its good to know that both products are free from any nasties chemicals like Titanium, Dioxide and any synthetics preservatives.

I was most excited to try the Tinted Face Natural Sunscreen ( with added Anti-Oxidants I might add). To my surprise it was really light on my skin, it was easy to apply and didn’t leave a greasy feeling. In summer I like to switch from using a foundation to a tinted sunscreen. For me its one less step in the morning and I know my skin is protected. It gave me a light coverage and evened out my skin tone. Having just a hint of colour it gave my skin a natural finish. What I really liked was, I was able to apply my makeup over the top of the sunscreen and it wasn’t heavy. As a base for my makeup it lasted the day and  it was very moisturising. I had found in the past that some sunscreens can be dry on my skin. I didn’t have any of those issues with the Tinted Face Sunscreen partly because its contains Rosehip oil. I use a face sunscreen daily and its important to that it doesn’t congested skin. With the Tinted Face sunscreen my skin was still able to breath and was clear all week. With my face sorted it was time to deal with my body.


As I said before, my skin has taken a beating this summer, and I was in damage control. Some the conventional sunscreens I had used had left me with a rash…and sunburn. It was really important I find a sunscreen that was natural and moisturising. Although Im not in the surf everyday having a sunscreen that is water resistant is a must. I walk almost daily and rase a sweat doing so. The Natural Instinct Invisible sunscreen was long lasting and sweat resistant. It applied really easy and without marking my clothes, its light  fragrance is soft and  doesn’t have that harsh chemical smell. It absorbed into the skin like moisturiser and lease the skin soft and hydrated. A little of the sunscreen goes a long way so you only need a small amount. Its the kind of sunscreen that you put on and forget your wearing. With no bad odour or greasy feeling the Natural Instinct Invisible sunscreen is now a  permanent resident of my handbag.

It so good to find a natural product that delivers on what it promises. Not only is it chemical free but, it’s also  Australian made. Thanks so much Natural Instinct for these great product.

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