I am only beginning to realise now how blessed I was from a young age.

I always believe that in whatever you do, you must get the foundation right. If you have the foundation right – the rest of the house falls into alignment perfectly.

Right from the beginning I was to be different.

I was born at home with a natural birth, my own sister who was 3 at the time cutting my umbilical cord.

I grew up in a very natural chemical free household. My mother, who always had a fascination for the human body and what mother earth provided for us, had a chemical free household as much as she could, a practice that I have continued through into my life – despite the industry I am in.

The food we ate was all homemade with vegetables produced in our own garden. Still to this day she is an avid gardener, from food we eat to beautiful plants and flowers that decorate our backyard, I see grandpa in her every time she’s out in the yard reconnecting to the divine power within.

She hardly wore makeup and has never dyed her hair.

If us kids were sick we would take garlic and echinachea every hour and be recovered within the day.

My parents showed the way in being kind generous compassionate souls, treating everything that crossed their paths as equals.

These are all traits that I have carried with me from the beginning.

I never wore makeup until I started modelling. I still haven’t touched my virgin hair. I hardly get sick, yet when I do natural remedies is always what I choose first. I can’t remember the first time I went to the doctors yet I have grown up with the same naturopath all my teenage and adult life.

I truly believe that natural beauty starts from within.

From a healthy relationship with yourself, in all your beautiful faults and glory.

From what you put into your body, to what you think about your body, to what you put on your body.

The whole mind body spirit connectivity, it’s not just ‘one thing’.

It’s your environment, it’s how you think and see the world, it’s how you act.

Set up your home environment to be a beautiful oasis that you can unwind and recharge your soul. Especially for those of us who live in the city and have the constant assault upon our senses. You want your space to be open and flowing – not cluttered and jarring. Burn incense to allow your mind to drift to exotic lands.

Turn off your social media; your tv’s; your phones. Sit down with relaxing music, gaze upon the meditational flickering of a candle flame and be drawn into the rhythmic dance. Get out in nature to reconnect with the energies of mother earth. Spend time with the unconditional love from our gorgeous animal friends.

Fill your Being with the foods that are bursting alive with nutrients. Try to eat as simple as you can, my rule of thumb – as close to how I would find it growing naturally as possible.

One of the best decisions I ever made was the conscious effort to cut out all refined sugar and all those hidden sugars that are in so many products nowadays wherever I can.

When I feed my body salad and vegetables I can feel all my cells coming to life with joy. They dance around my body and make me smile.

This is what I strive to do, but life always interrupts – and that’s ok!

You must allow the change and be willing to flow with the new current that pulls you along. As long as you endeavour to this way of life whenever you can…balance.

Do what you can when you can.

And always, always, be grateful.

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