Natalie Sellars’ Self-Care Tips for the Silly Season

Your diaries, inboxes and iCals are starting to overflow with invites to cocktail parties, evening drinks and client soirées.

But remember to take time for yourself in the lead up to Christmas. Among all the drinks, the outfits, and the shopping it’s easy to lose your way in at the tail end of the year and arrive at January 1st feeling exhausted, stressed and unhealthy. Avoiding stress during the holiday season takes planning (and I am the queen of avoiding stress at all costs), so here are a few tips for self-care.

Plan ahead

Pick 2-3 social occasions you really want to attend and politely decline the others. You can’t do it all, and these people will still be there after Christmas. Also, write down who you need to shop for and what you think they will like, then buy online. Spend a quiet evening getting it all out of the way and consider having it shipped directly to them. Many online stores allow for gift wrapping, and small businesses can be reached by email. I know I’d be happy to help if anyone asked me to wrap and send something directly to the recipient.

Avoid excess alcohol

This one is tricky, but the sugar and lack of sleep will just create even more stress. Be sure to add a few sparkling mineral waters in when you’re at a party. I’ll start with 2-3 sparkling waters, then decide if I actually want to drink at all. Sometimes by that point I’ve said hello to everyone I wanted to see and I’m happy to just head home.

Be sure you are drinking your 3 litres of water in daily too. Eat something before you start drinking. Stress, heat and hunger is a disaster – just ask 20-something me…!

Continue your healthy habits

Maintaining your exercise regime helps keep you grounded and in balance, which also helps to keep stress levels lowered. Add in some simple extra movements too, to minimise the effects of too many sweet cocktails or pastry hors d’oeuvres. For example, if you’re going out for dinner with someone, go for a walk in the fresh air afterwards.

Ramp up your skin care

Summer brings all sorts of sticky, sweaty make-up woes, so I thoroughly believe in simplifying your routine and perfecting your base. Basically, healthy, glowing, hydrated skin doesn’t need a tonne of make-up. I love using a rose mist to provide hydration and saturation, a silky, light day cream, an evening oil to restore, and a weekly mask to balance out my skin again.

All in all, just enjoy yourself. Go slowly, choose consciously and have fun!

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