Narrative Lab is the natural fragrance on the block. What started as a water company, now turned social enterprise Thankyou Group saw co-founder Jarryd Burns turn a start-up into a successful company raising over 6 million to aid those in need globally.

Narrative co-founders have been on an incredible entrepreneurial journey, building a successful brand and company – Thankyou Group and now an Aussie first innovation to hit the market and change the fragrance game! The consumer is getting smarter and time is up for nasty chemicals and toxins being put directly into your skin, our largest organ! An article published by discusses a campaign for safe cosmetics, a coalition of over 100 groups seeking transparency about chemicals in cosmetics, commissioned independent laboratory tests that revealed “38 secret chemicals in 17 leading fragrances. The top offenders?: American Eagle Seventy Seven topped the list with 24, followed by Chanel Coco with 18 and Britney Spears Curious and Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio each with 17”. We are all about natural and chemical free and are excited to see this product hit the market to support consumers that truly care what goes on their skin!

Narrative Lab ingredients are as natural and organic as possible with no nasties- vegan and not tested on animals. Narrative has worked with industry experts, formulators and product developers over many years to create their own robust definition of natural and safe ingredients for use in fragrances and personal care products. Narrative are also very selective with the factories and packaging materials they use, ensuring they are trading both to a high quality manufacturing standards, but also with ethical working conditions. Where possible Narrative use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified or recycled paper and make sure all other materials used is either reusable or refillable . 

After the success of Thankyou, what made you want to create Narrative Lab perfume?

To put it simply: the three of us are obsessed with cool products! We love unique, creative, beautiful products. 

One day we were all at a coffee shop in Hong Kong and started discussing our own lives and the types of products we love/use on a daily basis; but how we could create even better versions of these. There were a number of products that came up on the list, but perfume rose to the top!

We were all pretty tired of the traditional spray version that perfume, and aftershave come in. There had been no innovation for years and people were still buying into products full of alcohol and being advertised in a very sexual, un-realistic way. We’d seen a trend begin to emerge with solid and rollerball perfumes and wanted to create our own in a unique, beautiful way.

We wanted this to be more than just a perfume though. We wanted a way to empower the consumer to not just smell great, but feel great too. Most of us wear perfume or cologne on a daily basis, so we thought there was no better product to put an empowering twist on than these. 

Why solid and roll on oil based perfume as opposed to a traditional spray?

Traditional spray has obviously been around for decades and with a new, savvier consumer coming through we know that people are wanting something different. Something unique that isn’t harmful to them or the environment. Traditional sprays are full of nasties; alcohol-a-plenty to fill out the spray and reduce their costs.

Our products don’t have any fillers or nasties. The oils are plant-based and really nourish and moisturize the skin when applied. Plus they smell amazing!

Tell me more about the sustainability of the brand.

We are all aware of the need to be more sustainable for our generation and generations to come. We developed Narrative Lab with this in mind.

Our solid perfume is refillable. We created it with a clever little magnetic system that allows you to pop out the trays and replace them with refills, instead of having to purchase another metal vessel. Works out more economical for the consumer and better for the environment. Win win!

We are a vegan friendly brand and use as many natural and organic ingredients as possible. We also use FSC certified or recycled paper and make sure that all other materials used are either reusable (the gift box it comes in) or refillable as mentioned above.

I’ve loved mixing the different squares of customisable perfume. What made you come up with the idea to make Narrative Lab customisable?

We had not come across customisable perfume, so we thought, “how cool would that be…let’s give it a crack”! It definitely wasn’t the easiest of processes but with the help of a third-generation perfumer (who is absolutely amazing), we were able to break each perfume down into three parts. A subtle version, an intense version and the base version. Each version highlights different notes in the perfume.

This gives you three different expressions of the one perfume and allows you to customize it the way you want to wear it. You’re in the driver’s seat of how you want to smell!

The names and scents are quite unique, how did you come up with the concept?

Throughout our lives and professional journeys, we have all had negative things spoken over us, or have had people try to box us in. We wanted to change that narrative and empower the consumer with a positive way of thinking.

We chose to name our scents using empowering statements and affirmations, so that when you apply your chosen perfume, you are reminded of these. You could even choose a particular scent based on it’s affirmation to gift to someone you want to encourage. 

For example: Take The Moment, Crushing It, Fearless, Protector, Awaken etc. Every time you apply you remember the message your perfume carries and go forth accordingly!

The packaging is beautiful and I love the new Rose Gold containers, what can customers expect to see in brand development in 2020?

Thank you – the Rose Gold is stunning – we are in love! That was a fun process of listening to what our customers were saying and reacting accordingly. 

You’ll see more of that throughout 2020. We’ll continue to listen to what our consumers are asking for, along with some of our own ideas, and launch them as they become available.  There’ll be new fragrances and new interesting ways to enjoy them. Stay tuned 😉

Do you have a favourite scent?

I’d have to say The Calling! It combines Caramel, Coffee and Rum flavours delivering a sweet, warm scent and always gets a lot of compliments when wearing it. 

It’s available in our new, super easy to use, Parfum Oil Rollerball.

Where can people find Narrative Lab?

There are a few flagship stores around Australia and one in New Zealand that currently stock the range of solid fragrances:

  • Gentsac and Becker Minty in Sydney
  • Pookipoiga and Elephant Sorrento in Melbourne
  • Housekeepers Design in Oamaru in New Zealand

You can also find the entire range at and of course on social media, Instagram and Facebook.

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